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What's New?:  Undish - A Gift of Flying, Images of Eden - Sunlight of the Spirit, Emotion - s/t & Tip to Toe EP, Jupiter VI - Back from Mars, Born From Pain - War, Disillusion - Gloria, Manowar - The Sons of Odin (Immortal Edition CD/DVD), Rome - Nera, God Dethroned - The Toxic Touch, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Apocalips, 7 Days - The Weight of the World, Medusa's Spell - Mercurial Behavior, Amon Amarth - With Oden on Our Side, Dying - Valley of Thorns, Letum - Broken, Century Sleeper - Awaken, Angel 7 - Black & White, Circus Dawn - Between the Lines of Gray, Cloudscape - Crimson Skies.

Upcoming Reviews?  Evergrace - s/t, Desertor - Cadeira de Rodas, I Killed the Prom Queen - Music for the Recently Deceased, Foundation of Hope - The Faded Reveries, All My Dead Friends Compilation, Impious - Holy Murder Masquerade, Psyopus - Our Puzzling Encounters Considered, Ataraxia - Paris Spleen, Deutsch Nepal - Erotikon, Atrium Carceri - Ptahil, Pimentola - Misantropolis, Symphorce - Become Death, Middian - Age Eternal, and many more!

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Abolishment of Hate - s/t
Absurd2 - s/t
Acoustic Torment - Schwarzwald
Admonish - Den Yttersta Tiden
Alan Braun - Act II: Blood Covenant
Aletheian - Dying Vine
Aletheian - Apolutrosis
All My Faith Lost - As You're Vanishing in Silence
Altera Enigma - Alteration
Amon Amarth - With Oden on Our Side ***NEW***
Amos - A Matter of Time
Amos - Gothic Soul
Anaemia - The Second Incarnation
Angel 7 - Black and White ***NEW***
Angel Blake - s/t
Antestor - The Forsaken
Antestor - Det Tapte Liv
Antestor - The Defeat of Satan
Antestor - The Return of the Black Death
Antestor - Martyrium
Antidemon - Anillo de Fuego
Antimatter - Planetary Confinement
Antithesis - Dying for Life
Apiary - Lost in Focus
Apologetix - Keep the Change
Apologetix - Spoofernatural
Apologetix - Biblical Graffiti
Arcanjo - Torment Alive
Arch of Thorns - Sword of the Spirit
Arch of Thorns - The Coming Storm
Argyle Park - Misguided (Re-issue)
Armageddon Holocaust - Radioactive Zone 245
Armageddon Holocaust - Into Total Destruction
Army of Freshmen - Beg, Borrow, Steal
Arvinger - Helgards Fall
Ascension Theory - Answers
Ashen Mortality - Your Caress
Ashen Mortality - Sleepless Remorse
Atrium Carceri - Kapnobatai
Audiovision - The Calling
Avenger of Blood - Celestial War
Avian - From the Depths of Time
Awake - s/t
A.W.A.S. - Time to Choose
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy of Satanic Christianity
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Divine Right of Kings
Balance of Power - Heathen Machine
Balance of Power - Perfect Balance
Balance of Power - Ten More Tales...
Barnabas - Feel the Fire/Little Foxes (Re-issue)
Barrencross - Hotter Than Hell Live
Barrencross - Atomic Arena
Barrencross - Rock for the King
Belica - For All
Believe - Seven Miles Deep
Believer - Dimensions (Re-issue)
Believer - Sanity Obscure (Re-issue)
Believer - Sanity Obscure
Believer - Extraction from Mortality
Bestiary - The Murder Wheel
Beyond Sensory Experience - The Dull Routine of Existence
Beyond Sensory Experience - Pursuit of Pleasure
Beyond Twilight - For the Love of Art and the Making
Beyond Twilight - Section X
Biogenesis - The Mark Bleeds Through
Blank - Heronomous
Bleakwail - Songs of Sorrow
Bleedience - Bleedience EP
Blindside - A Thought Crushed My Mind
Bloodgood - All Stand Together
Bloodwork - Insufficient Flesh
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
Born From Pain - War ***NEW***
Brainchild - Mindwarp (Re-issue)
Bride - This is It (Re-issue)
Bride - Snakes Alive
Bride - Live at Cornerstone 2001
Bride - The Matrix Years
Bride - The Lost Reels I
Bride - Snakes in the Playground
Bride - End of the Age
Bride - Silence is Madness
Bride - Live to Die
Bride - Show No Mercy
Brighter Death Now - Kamikaze Kabaret
A Brutal Christmas - The Season in Chaos




Callenish Circle - Pitch Black Effects
Cannibal Corpse - Kill  
Carlos Soto - Tribal Behavior
Cataract - Kingdom
Celtic Frost - Monotheist
Century Sleeper - Awaken ***NEW***
Cerimonial Sacred - Our War is Only Against Hell
Chains of Bondage - Perilous Times Have Come
Chords of the Grave
Circle of Dust - Disengage/Refractorchasm (Re-issue)
Circle of Dust - Brainchild (Re-issue)
Circle of Dust - s/t (Re-issue)
Circus Dawn - Between the Lines of Gray ***NEW***
Classic Metal - s/t
Clemency - Divine Legions at War
Cloudscape - Crimson Skies ***NEW***
The Collection - Volume I: Tools of the Trade
Come Armageddon - Endtime Productions V Years
Consecrator - Image of Deception
Corpse - From the Grave
Covet - s/t
Crimson Moonlight - Veil of Remembrance
Crimson Moonlight - Songs from the Archives
Crimson Moonlight - The Covenant Progress
Crimson Thorn - Purification
Crimson Thorn - Unearthed
Crutch - Hope Prevails




Daemongrinder - Inhuman Acts of Brutality
Daniel Band - Run from the Darkness
Daniel Band - Straight Ahead (Re-issue)
Dark Endless - Dark End Times
Dead to Fall - Villainy & Virtue
Deborah - The Song of Deborah
Decadence - Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
Deliverance - Learn
Deliverance - Intense Live Series Volume 1
Deliverance - s/t
Demoniciduth - Dogs of Antichrist
Demoniciduth - Post Tenebras Lux
Desiderii Marginis - That Which is Tragic and Timeless
Destra - Joe's Rhapsody
Die Happy - Volume II
Die Version - Victimized
Disciple - Rise Up
Disciple - This Might Sting a Little
Disillusion - Gloria ***NEW***
Dissolve Being - s/t
Divinefire - Hero
Divinefire - Glory Thy Name
Doulos - Oculto
Dracma - Perfect Creation
Dreaming of the Fifth/Evelynn - Split
Drottnar - Anamorphosis
Drottnar - Spiritual Battle
Dying - Valley of Thorns ***NEW***
Dynasty - Motus Perpetuus




Echo Hollow - Superficial Intelligence
Eden - Fan the Flame
Eleven Hours Down - There's Hope in the Darkness
Eluveitie - VÍn
Embodyment - The Narrow Scope of Things
Emotion - s/t & Tip to Toe EP ***NEW***
Encryptor - Encryption 1999-2006
Encryptor - Cryptic Works
Encryptor - Sermon Decay
Encryptor - Drowning in Flesh
Epoch of Unlight - The Continuum Hypothesis
Eso-Charis - s/t
Eterna - The Gate
Eternal Decision - Ghost in the Machine
Eternal Decision - s/t
Ethereal Scourge - Judgment and Restoration
Eulogium - A Light in the Darkness
Evroklidon - The Flame of Sodom
Exaudi - Ein Stein
Excision - Brutal Days
Excurses - Devil's Footprints
Exousia - Conquer
Exousia - Exousia Alive DVD
Exousia - Welcome to the Kingdom of Light
Extol - The Blueprint Dives
Extol - Synergy
Extol - Paralysis
Extol - Limited Edition 7" Vinyl
Extol - Undeceived
Extol - Mesmerized
Extreme Collection Volume IV Compilation




Faithbomb - Bleed
Far - Water & Solutions (CD/DVD Re-issue)
Fasedown - Blitz of Anguish
Fearful Symmetry - This Sad Veil of Tears
Fearscape - Sleeping in Light
Final Axe - The Axe of the Apostles
Final Axe - Beyond Hell's Gate (Re-issue)
Flagship - Maiden Voyage
F.O.G. - Visibility Clearing
Fragments of Unbecoming - Sterling Black Icon: Chapter III - Black But Shining
Frantic Bleep - The Sense Apparatus
Frosthardr - MakteslÝs
Frosthardr - Necrodisaster
Frost Like Ashes - Tophet
Frost Like Ashes - Pure as the Blood Covered Snow
Frost Like Ashes - Demo 2002




Galactic Cowboys - Let it Go
Gears of Redemption - The War of Blood and Rust
Global Warning - Enemy Within
Global Warning - Digital Black
God Dethroned - The Toxic Touch ***NEW***
Grand Lux - Iron Will
Grave Forsaken - s/t
Green Carnation - The Quiet Offspring
Grinding Spiritual Death Compilation
GROMS - Ascension
Ground Zero System - Newropa EP
Guardian - First Watch




Harmony - Dreaming Awake
Haven - Age of Darkness (Re-issue)
Haven - Age of Darkness
Hearken - Nuclear Negligence
Heartcry - Lightmaker
Heaven's Rage - Temporary
Hero - Bless This Nation
Holy Blood - Waves are Dancing
Holy Blood - The Wanderer
Holy Soldier - Promise Man
Holy Soldier - Last Train
Hope - Light of the Salvation
Horde - Hellig Usvart
Horrific Majesty - In Shadows Eternal




Illuminandi - The Beginning...  
Illuminandi - Demo II
Images of Eden - Sunlight of the Spirit ***NEW***
Immortal Souls - Ice Upon the Night
Immortal Souls - Under the Northern Sky
Immortal Souls - Divine Wintertime/Mordecai - Through the Woods, Towards the Dawn
Impelletteri - Screaming Symphony/Crunch (Double CD)
Indwelling - And My Eye Shall Weep
Inevitable End - Reversal
Inevitable End - s/t
In Slaughter Natives - Resurrection: The Return of a King
In the Shadow of Death - A Scandinavian Extreme Music Compilation
In Vain - Wounds
Inversion - The Nature of Depravity




Jacob's Dream - Drama of the Ages
Jacob's Dream - Theater of War
Jacob's Dream - s/t
Jet Circus - Look at Death Now
Jupiter VI - Back from Mars ***NEW***




Katagory V - The Rising Anger
Kekal - Acidity
Kekal - 1000 Thoughts of Violence
Kekal - Introduce Us to Immortality
Kekal/Slechtvalk - Chaos and Warfare
Kekal - The Painful Experience
Kekal - Embrace the Dead
Kekal - Beyond the Glimpse of Dreams
Kohllapse - Distant Mind Alternative (Re-issue)




Lament - Tears of a Leper
Lengsel - Solace
Letum - Broken ***NEW***
Liberty N' Justice - Soundtrack of a Soul
Light Force - 1986-1989
Lightning Strikes Twice - A Retroactive Records Label Sampler ***NEW***
Lilitu - The Delores Lesion
Liptocoal - Fly
Living Sacrifice - Conceived in Fire
Living Sacrifice - The Hammering Process
Living Sacrifice, A Tribute to
Living Sacrifice - Reborn
Living Sacrifice - Nonexistent
Locomotive Breath - Train of New Events
Lo-Ruhamah - s/t
L.S.U. - Dogfish Jones (Re-issue)
Lucid - Broken
Lucid - s/t
Luminaria - Arche
Lust Control - We are Not Ashamed (Re-issue)




Majestic Vanguard - Beyond the Moon
Mammuth - Die to Rise in Spring
Mammuth - Embraced
Manowar - The Sons of Odin CD/DVD ***NEW***
Medusa's Spell - Mercurial Behavior ***NEW***
Megiddon - Incidents Before the Time
Melisend - Demo 2005
Mental Destruction - Straw
Metal Meltdown
Metal Mission - Brazilian Collection Volume III
Metamorphosis - Industrial Remixes (Re-issue)
Metanoia - Time to Die
Ministros Del Santuario - Antidiabolical
Mirador - The Azrael Tales
Morbid Sacrifice - Severed Death
Moriah - Where, Death, Is Your Victory?
Morphia - Fading Beauty
Morphia - Frozen Dust
Morphia - Unfulfilled Dreams
Mortification - Erasing the Goblin
Mortification - Grind Planets DVD
Mortification - Brain Cleaner
Mortification - Relentless
Mortification - The Silver Cord is Severed
Mortification - Scrolls of the Megilloth (Re-issue)
My Silent Wake - Shadow of Sorrow
My Silent Wake - s/t




Narnia - The Great Fall
Narnia - Desert Land
Narnia - Long Live the King
Neaera - Let the Tempest Come
Neal Morse - One
No Innocent Victim - Tipping the Scales
Northern Flame - White Winternight
Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure
Novembers Doom - To Welcome the Fade (Re-Release)




Oblivion - Renewel
The Ocean - Aeolian
Old Path - The Coming of Eternal Dawn
Olen'k - Silently Noisy
Oratorio - The Reality of Existence
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Apocalips ***NEW***
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio & Spiritual Front - Satyriasis, Somewhere Between Equilibrium and Nihilism
Overcome - Immortal Until Their Work is Done
Oz Mosh 2005 Compilation




Pacto de Sangre - Alerta
Pale Horse - Until the Last Seal is Opened
Pantokrator - Blod
Paradox - Overcome or Burn Forever in Hell/Arachnid Terror Sampler
Parakletos - Offerlammets Makt
Paramaecium - Echoes from the Ground
Paramaecium - A Time to Mourn
Paramaecium - Repentance
Paramaecium - Within the Ancient Forest
Parca Pace - Raumspannung
Parca Pace - s/t
Peccatum - The Moribund People
Phoenix Mourning - When Excuses Become Antiques
P.O.D. - Satellite
P.O.D. - The Fundamental Elements of Southtown
Poems of Shadows - Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting
Possession - Eternally Haunt
Power from the Sky Compilation - A New Wave of Swedish Metal
Power of Omens - Rooms of Anguish
Prison - Demo 2004
Project 86 - Drawing Black Lines
Promessa Divina - Mercy Welcome
The Protagonist - Songs of Experience
Prototype - Continuum
Purgation - Realm of the Dead
Pyramaze - Legend of the Bone Carver







Rage of Angels - s/t
The Raise the Dead - Australian Metal Compilation #4
Raison d'Ítre - Metamorphyses
Raison d'Ítre - Reflections from the Time of Opening
Random Eyes - Eyes Ablaze
Redeem - A Diadem of Beauty
Regime - Straight Through Your Heart
Renascent - Through Darkness
Renascent - Demons' Quest
Requital - Retribution for Sin
Resurrection Band - DMZ (Re-issue)
Resurrection Band - Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore (Re-issue)
Resurrection Band - Colours (Re-issue)
Revelation Project - s/t
The Rise - Bluezone
Rivera Bomma - Invisible Force
Robert Sweet - Love Trash
Rob Rock - Holy Hell
Rob Rock - Eyes of Eternity
Rob Rock - Rage of Creation
Rome - Nera ***NEW***
Royal Anguish - Tales of Sullen Eyes
Royal Anguish - Mysterion
Royal Anguish - The Chronicles of Autumn Sorrow




Sabbatariam - The Valley of the Shadow
Sacrament - Testimony of Apocalypse/Presumed Dead (Re-issue)
Sacred Warrior - Obsessions
Sacred Warrior - Wicked Generation
Sacrificium - Cold Black Piece of Flesh
Saint - Warriors of the Son (Re-issue)
Saint - In the Battle
Saint - Too Late for Living
Saint - Time's End
Saint - Warriors of the Son
Sanctifica - Negative B
Sanctifica - Spirit of Purity
Sanctifica - In the Bleak Midwinter/Pantokrator - Songs of Solomon
Sanctum - Let's Eat
Sanctum - Lupus in Fabula
Sarpedon - Demo 2006
Saving Blue - The Sinner's Cry
Saviour Machine - Live in Deutschland 2002
Saviour Machine - Legend III:I
Saviour Machine - 1990 Demo
Schaliach - Sonrise (Re-issue)
Screams of Abaddon II - Death/Black Metal Compilation 2
Screams of Chaos - Genetic War
The Scream of the Guillotine - s/t
Secretion - Reborn
Selfmindead - At the Barricades We Fall
Sephiroth - Draconian Poetry
Serenade in Darkness - s/t
Seven Angels - Faceless Man
Seven Angels - The Second Floor
7 Days - The Weight of the World ***NEW***
Seventh Angel - Heed the Warning (Live & Demo Recordings)
Seventh Angel - Lament for the Weary (Re-Issue)
Seventh Angel - The Torment (Re-Issue)
Seventh Avenue - Eternals
Seventh Avenue - Between the Worlds
Shadow Gallery - Room V
Shadow Gallery - Legacy
Shadows of Paragon - s/t
Shining Force - s/t
Shining Star - Enter Eternity
Shining Star - Fatal Mistake
Shmunks for You - I Can't Talk to the Walls Because They're Yelling at Me
Shout - In Your Face
Six Feet Deep - The Road Less Traveled
Six Feet Deep - Struggle (Re-issue)
Skin Area - Journal Noir/Lithium Path (2 Disc)
Skyliner - Light Comes Out of Black
Slechtvalk - Thunder of War (Maxi-Single)
Slechtvalk - Upon the Fields of Battle DVD
Slechtvalk - At the Dawn of War
Slechtvalk - The War that Plagues the Lands
Slechtvalk - Falconry
Sons of Thunder - Circus of Power
Sorrowstorm - Funeral Oath
Sorrowstorm - Caverns of Grief
Sotahuuto - s/t
Soul Embraced - Immune
Soul Embraced - This is My Blood
The Souls Unrest - s/t
Spheric Universe Experience - Mental Torments
Spirit's Breeze - Eternal Suffering
Spirit's Breeze - Annulling Dark Forces
Spitfire - The Dead Next Door
Stairway - The Other Side of Midnight
Stairway - No Rest, No Mercy (Re-issue)
Stauros - Adrift
Stavesacre - Speakeasy
Step Cousin - Innocence Before Oblivion
Still Small Voice - Embers
StormfŚgel - Den Nalkande Stormen
Stronghold - Prayers from a Yearning Heart
Stryper - Reborn
Stryper - Can't Stop the Rock
Stryper - In God We Trust
Subterranean Masquerade - Suspended Animation Dreams
Sympathy - Abyssal Throne
Sympathy - Arcane Path
Sympathy - Invocation
SynnŲve - s/t
System Breakdown - 102




Tempest - Eye of the Storm
Temple of Blood - Prepare for the Judgment of Mankind
Theocracy - s/t
This is Solid State - Volume 2
Three - The Radio Hits
Thy Pain - More Than Suffering
Tiles - Window Dressing
Torman Maxt - The Foolishness of God
Tortured Conscience - 2001 Demo
Torture Killer - Swarm
Tourniquet - Where Moth and Rust Destroy
Tourniquet - Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm
Tourniquet - Psychosurgery
Training for Utopia - Throwing a Wrench into the American Music Machine
Transcendus - Nocturnal Ambience
Transfigural Form - State of Decay
Tribus - Manual Acrobatics
Tribus - Mega Shred
Tribus - Too Late...Damage is Done
Troglodyte Dawn - s/t




Ultimatum - Puppet of Destruction
Ulver - Blood Inside
Underground Metal
Underground Rot 2 Compilation
Underground Rot Compilation
Undish - A Gift of Flying ***NEW***
Undish - Acta Est Fabula
Uniao - Scream on the Cross
United States of Mind - Silver Step Child
U.S. White Metal Assault Compilation




Vaakevandring - s/t
Vaakevandring - Demo 98/99
Vardoger - Whitefrozen
Vengeance Rising - Anthology
Vengeance Rising - Destruction Comes
Vengeance (Rising) - Human Sacrifice
Venia - In Our Weakness
Venia - Genesis
Veni Domine - 23:59
Veni Domine - IIII: The Album of Labour
Virgin Black - Elegant...and Dying
Virgin Black - Sombre Romantic
Visionaire - Mystical Dominion
Vomitorial Corpulence - Skin Stripper




Walk the Sky - s/t  
Warmachine - The Beginning of the End
Warrior - The Battle Has Started
Whitecross - Nineteen Eighty Seven
Whitecross - Unveiled (Re-issue)
Winter Solstice - The Fall of Rome
Wisdom Call - s/t




X-Nihilo - Not My Home
X-Sinner - Fire it Up
X-Terra - Wolves




Yeti - s/t




Zao - Legendary
Zao - Liberate te ex Inferis
Zurisadai - Symphony of the Souls