Spirit's Breeze - Annulling Dark Forces


Spirit's Breeze hails from Brazil and brings us their new, three song EP "Annulling Dark Forces".  While only seventeen minutes in length, this disc packs a powerful punch.  Spirit's Breeze plays some insanely brutal death metal on this album that ends way too quickly.  The first setback that most listeners will notice is the production deficiencies, but it actually improves slightly as the album progresses.  Another problem would be the similarities between songs.  However, this means that if you like one, you'll probably like all three.  They're not exactly the same,  but have a very "sameness" feel to them.  The growling vocals are well done, as is the guitar playing.  However, I really wish the guitar would've been more forward in the mix.  Sometimes the drums seem to dominate a little too much.  However, the drumming is excellent and includes plenty of blast beats.  At times this bands sounds a little like Goredeath, but I think I enjoy this band much more than Goredeath.   Packaging comes in a nice, glossy cardboard sleeve, with a glossy insert that has band pictures and lyrics.  Lyrically, the band is pretty good with very bold lyrics.  My favorite song on this disc would easily be the last song "Holocaust of Humanity".  Not world-class material, but a band that you should definitely keep your eye on.  You can pick this CD up at Metal Mission for only $4.  Or, visit the Spirit's Breeze website at www.spiritsbreeze.cjb.net.  (Review by Matt)