Extol - Paralysis


I went on a journey the other day from internet e-zine to internet e-zine, trying to get a feel of what non-Christians thought of the band Extol and their last release "Undeceived". As Christians are praising them and giving them titles like "The Mighty Extol", do others ridicule and tear them apart? Well, yes and no. They do tear them apart, but only for their beliefs. Most reviewers expressed great displeasure for the beliefs of Extol, although one reviewer called their lyrics refreshing and different. Not one person that I found could tear apart the music that Extol so magnificently creates. Ratings of 8 or 9 out of 10 were the lowest ratings I could find, and even cries for "album of the year" were expressed.

"Paralysis" is now their latest offering and regardless of what others will later think, I'll be the first to declare that Extol has done it again. Not only do their beliefs continue to be clearly evident, but their music continues to place them as one of the best at what they do.

The sound here is similar to "Undeceived", but distinctively different. The intro song "Paralysis" acts as a monsterous build-up to track number two. The King's X-like background vocals in "Your Beauty Divine" add a new feel to their brutal and melodic style of death metal. Their cover of Believer's "Shadow of Death" rings similar to the original yet with an unmistakable Extol flare. Last, but not least, the eerie and haunting "Human Frailties Grave" from their 7" ends this amazing 15 minute EP in grand fashion, as once again this awesome band blows me away. Extol is unbelievable at what they do. I can only imagine what their next release will be like. If only others would take their art this serious.  (Review by Matt)