My Silent Wake - s/t

You know, I used to be a huge Ashen Mortality fan.  Many of my metalhead friends either didn't care for them too much or had never heard of them.  I didn't get it cause gosh they were a sweet band!  Well, not too long ago, Ashen Mortality called it quits and that really bummed me out (even though it had been like 5 years since their last album).  I had been holding out hope for something new and it just never happened. 

Well, Ian Arkley, is thankfully not done with music yet!  This new EP put out by the band has me SUPER excited about one of Arkley's new outlets for music (which also include Century Sleeper and The Other Window).  Anyways, to tell you the truth...I think I like this material way better than Ashen Mortality.  Yeah, I miss the mournful female vocals, but this disc just oozes of the confidence the band has in their abilities.  Besides Ian Arkley, the band is also comprised of Andi Lee (Ashen Mortality), Jasen Whyte (Bloodwork), and Alan Southorn (The Other Window).  Musically, the band sounds like a cross between Ian's ex-band Ashen Mortality, My Dying Bride, Celtic Frost, and maybe a touch of Seventh Angel.  Arkley's gruff growls and haunting clean vocals are as good as ever and his guitar playing is mesmerizing as we've all come to expect.  The band exhibits total control of the atmosphere on this that conveys a mood of melancholy and despair, while radiating power and brutality.  While they slow things down to a slow, doomy pace at times, they also shift into high gear with screaming guitars and double bass galore.  These are just two really solid, long songs that have me dying to hear their upcoming full length on Bombworks records! 

Sorry if I sound like a kid in a candy shop, but I've always loved Arkley's work in Seventh Angel, Ashen Mortality, and Paramaecium.  I highly recommend this disc to any of you who enjoy the above bands I compared My Silent Wake to, or if you are fans of Arkley's past work.  If you can't find a copy of this EP (which I heard is sold out), then make sure you check out their full length in early 2006.

Rating:  94/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Total Songs: 2

Total Time: 16:41

Tracklisting: 1. Your Cold Embrace, 2. Encircle.

Best Songs: Both of them!

Band Lineup: Ian Arkley - Vocals/Lead Guitar/Keyboards/Ebow, Andi Lee - Bass/Guitar, Jasen Whyte - Drums, Alan Southorn - Bass/Guitar.

Band Website: