Power from the Sky Compilation - A New Wave of Swedish Metal


C.L. Music & Publishing has been quite busy lately releasing new albums left and right.  Now with this new compilation of 15 songs they give us a chance to sample all of their bands with some previously released and unreleased songs.

There is a good amount of high caliber songs here to satisfy metal fans of almost any genre.  If you're a fan of power metal, classic, hard rock, metalcore, death metal, or black metal, you're sure to find something to indulge in.  The bands here include Wisdom Call, Crimson Moonlight, Ayenna, Heaven, Laudamus, Sanctifica, Oblivion, Pantokrator, and Sons of Thunder.  The unreleased song by Crimson Moonlight, "Touch of Emptiness", is my biggest reason for being excited about this disc.  They serve up some breathtaking progressive black metal that just makes me drool when thinking about their next album release.  Sanctifica shows up twice with the horrific
black metal of "Dark Desires", and "In the Bleak Midwinter" off their demo.  Pantokrator lays down some brutal death metal, while Wisdom Call impresses with their '80's styled power metal.  Another band that shows a lot of promise is a fairly new band called Ayenna.  I'm really impressed by the emotional metal this band plays.  This is definitely a band to keep your eye on.  Another band is called Heaven.  They are supposed to be influenced by bands like Jerusalem and Rez.  I don't really hear a whole lot from either of those bands,  but they are in a similar genre.  The band's songs are catchy, but a little too soft for my taste most of the time.  Laudamus shows up here with the song "Unlimited Love".  This is some average classic metal, that shows some promise, but really does nothing for me.  Oblivion shows up here twice with two so-so metalcore songs.  Sons of Thunder plays one song called "Jesus Viking".  The song title itself makes me want to not listen.  The music is actually pretty decent, but the vocals and lyrics kinda grate on my nerves.

Overall, this is a high quality compilation with some very respectable bands, and some average bands.  At least none of them totally suck, but some of them could use some work.  You can pick up this disc along with it's video counterpart at blastbeats.com or radrockers.com.  (Review by Matt)