This is Solid State - Volume 2


Well, Solid State has released their second sampler showcasing all of the bands on their roster and a few that used to be. None of the songs this time around are unreleased, but there is a good group of bands with some fine songs. Standouts include songs by Extol, Lengsel, Living Sacrifice, Zao, and Blindside. If you know nothing about this label, this will give you a good chance to sample what the label has to offer from hardcore to metalcore to death metal to black metal. If you have most of the albums from the bands listed here, it's still a good compilation of songs if you can't quite decide which band you want to listen to. Track listing is as follows...1. Living Sacrifice "Conditional", 2. Zao "Trashcanhands", 3. Extol "Ember", 4. Stretch Armstrong "Through My Actions", 5. Embodyment "One Less Addiction", 6. Blindside "King of the Closet", 7. Society's Finest "Monarch", 8. Training for Utopia "Tennessee Midget", 9. Luti-Kriss "Blacksmith", 10. Lengsel "Coat of Arms", 11. Selfmindead "Motivation Song", 12. Born Blind "Nothing More, Nothing Less", 13. 3rd Root "Wah Wah", 14. Strongarm "Council of Perfection", 15. Spitfire "The Two Forty Eight Lie", 16. Focal Point "When I Die".  (Review by Matt)