Drottnar - Spiritual Battle


This is Drottnar's first official release and it is actually the combination of two old demos that the band recorded in 1997 under the name Vitality and 1998 under the name Drottnar. Their are three songs from the newer Drottnar era and four from the Vitality era. The Drottnar songs are much more black metal influenced then the Vitality-era songs. The Vitality songs are more in the realm of death metal with some black influences. Sometimes the music is very fast, at times slower. Overall, even though the songs are a few years old, this release is very good quality. The Vitality era songs sound like the band was playing their Mortification "Post Momentary Affliction" album in the studio a lot, cause their is a lot of similarities. This is not a bad thing though cause that was a pretty good Mort album. I prefer the Drottnar era songs though, because of the more black influences. This seems to be what Drottnar does best. Good musicianship all around and very good vocals shower this release. I tend to like their song off the "In the Shadow of Death" compilation "Trellebaand Maa Briste" better than the tunes here, but not by much. However, this is still a good CD and worth getting, but I'm looking forward to Drottnar's next release in hoping that they pursue the direction they took on the "In the Shadow..." comp.  (Review by Matt)