Absurd2 - s/t

They say that good things often come in small packages.  With this new release by Absurd2, that little saying is very true.  This new album is just a 3 song EP, but it's packed with 13 minutes of insane, ultra technical thrash that leaves you panting for breath and begging for more.  And speaking of small packages, the packaging for this release is a slim copper paper gatefold cover.  It also includes 5 inserts with band pictures on the inside.  The biggest problems I have with this packaging is the slip in place for the CD, which allows for it to get scratched and scuffed very easily, and also the lack of any lyrics or anything.  Anyways...back to the music.  The three songs on this disc are all excellent thrash tunes of the highest quality.  Two of them have showed up on compilations in the past.  The last track "Wisdom" showed up on the In the Shadow of Death compilation a few years back, and the first track "Point of Insanity" showed up on the VERY limited edition 2nd disc of the Come Armageddon 2 Disc compilation that was released in late 2003.  Then there is the new track, "In Hypnosis".  Picking a best track is tough for sure.  The band goes from blazing thrash, and then venture off into some demented jazzy stuff, only to blast back with a punishing riff that will drive you through the wall.  The vocals are a mix of dizzily spouted thrash vocals, screams, and growls (which I'm told in the song "Wisdom" were by a female growler...one of the current members of the all-female band Virgin Forest).  The full-time members of the band are David Husvik of Extol, Christer Espevoll (ex-Extol), Magnus Westgaard (Vardøger), and Ivar Nikolaisen (Silver).  To top things off, the disc was recorded and mixed by Borge Finstad, who has worked with bands like Borknagar, Mayhem, Extol, and Antestor.

Another great release by Endtime Productions.  Let's just hope that next time they can convince Absurd2 to record more than 3 songs, cause this is some fantastic stuff.  Fans of Believer, Extol (Synergy-era), Death, and Cynic should feel right at home here.

Rating: 87/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Endtime Productions

Total Songs: 3

Total Time: 12:55

Tracklisting: 1. Point of Insanity, 2. In Hypnosis, 3. Wisdom

Best Tracks: All of them.

Band Lineup: David Husvik, Christer Espevoll, Magnus Westgaard, and Ivar Nikolaisen.

Band Website: http://www.absurd2.com