Eternal Decision - Ghost in the Machine


Well, if you liked Eternal Decision's debut album then this, their second album will be sure to please. The boys (men) having taken it up a notch and I feel have succeeded in crushing the sophomore jinx. With this new groove-metal album they've stayed just as heavy as ever, but have branched out somewhat. The songs are more melodic, faster, more creative, and just plain better. They've also added some industrial feel to some of the songs ("Alien"). The lyrics are still bold, but more indirect than their previous effort. I actually think they've done a more creative job with the lyrics. They have really started to shake the Metallica comparison on the vocals. Dave Perkins has been added as a second vocalist to Joe Chambless. This has really changed things cause the "weak" part on the last album is now one of the stronger points. The production is still top notch, maybe even a little better than last time. And just like last time, there are guitar solos a-plenty which please these ears. The guitar work on this album is really amazing and the drumming...good stuff! My favorite songs are probably "Killing Me" and "Scar", although every song is great. They even throw in a ballad, "Without Shelter", which is very well done. The intro on "Strength" is really interesting to me. A voice on an answering machine tells the band that the lady is from the front office of Potomac House Apartments and that they need to turn down their music cause it is too loud. The cool part is that my wife and I looked into moving there after we got married. It didn't work out though cause they wouldn't even let us SEE an apartment without a co-signer present. Anyways...I can easily say that I like this album better than their debut. I can't wait to hear how much they've improved with their soon-to-be released third album. No longer just a good "local" band, but a band that is now measuring up quite nicely with other big names throughout the country.  (Review by Matt)