Sympathy - Invocation


Oh my goodness!!  Anybody here who likes death metal, raise your hand.  Okay, all of you that raised your hands, if you don't purchase this album you just lied.  Sympathy will blow you away guaranteed!  Fear Dark has landed a big one here and if Extol ever wanted some competition, they've got it now.  Seriously, there are some secular record labels that ought to be kicking down this band's door begging to sign them.  Speaking of "them", at the time of this recording this was a one-man band consisting of Derek From (otherwise known as Dharok).  Don't let that discourage you though, after all, Horde was a one-man band. 

The music here is blistering, technical, atmospheric, well-produced death metal with truckloads of blastbeats and double bass.  In fact, he doesn't let up in the slightest until song number nine!  My only disappointments are that tracks number nine and ten should've been the last two songs on the album (songs eleven and twelve) as they really broke an awesome pace that had been set.  And also, Derek uses a drum machine here.  However, it is very well done and really doesn't hurt the album in any way.  Other than that, prepare for an all-out assault.  The vocals are extremely intense death growls with some blackish vocals thrown in for an even darker feel at times.  He incorporates keyboards into his sound as well, but they are more tastefully used than just about any other band this genre has seen.

My favorite songs on here are "Fey Illusion", "Occupy", and "Circle of Light",  but really all the heavier songs rule!  Lyrically, Derek is very bold.  Only two of the song's lyrics are posted in the booklet, but you can e-mail Derek and he'll send you the additional lyrics.  My favorite part lyrically is the screams during the song "Occupy" of "Against the gates of hell I will stand/In my enemy's land I will occupy/Against dark forces and evil/I will not sway,  turn back, or bend!"  Very intense and emotional!

Sympathy will pummel you and beat your skull into the ground.  And anyone foolish enough to try and get up will wish they never tried.  Order this masterpiece at Blastbeats and prepare for the onslaught!  (Review by Matt)