Living Sacrifice - Reborn


Well, as if this band needs an introduction...they definitely don't.  But I'll give one anyways.  Starting off as a thrash band and changing styles to death metal...this band from Arkansas decided to change styles yet again on their 4th album.  Now off REX Records and signed to Solid State...this band really did a good job to destroy their reputation as a good metal band!  "Reborn" was released in 1997 and features a lineup change yet again.  Gone on vocals is DJ and replacing him on vocals is Bruce Fitzhugh. Also Jason Truby's brother Chris took up bass duties.  Anyways...what exactly was this band thinking?  This isn't death metal as they were the last 2 albums.  Seems as though they wanted to be Meshuggah on this album.  The 1st song "Reborn Empowered" I feel they did a good job at it...but the rest just just lacks something.  There are some really cool parts on here, but the guitars lack the chug that to me is needed for this type.  A little too muddy.  The production on here is pretty well done.  I really like the sound of this album overall.  These vocals take getting used to though.  They are those screamy types and the vocalist is trying to be too angry.  Sometimes it comes off ok, but other times you are thinking a lot of questions.  The drumming here isn't Lance Garvin's best.  Seems as though he may be a little bored back behind the skins at times. This album doesn't suck per say, but their death style is definitely missed.  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)