Undish - A Gift of Flying

Quite a bit different from their previous efforts, but still unmistakably Undish.  I fell in love with this band even before I ever heard them.  I am a huge Saviour Machine fan and when I found out this band played some shows with them back in the day, I immediately bought their first album, Acta Est Fabula, and wore it out.  After their next incredible album, Letters from the Earth, I seriously didn't think I'd ever get to hear this album due to problems they had in getting it released. Now it's finally here and I couldn't be happier.

This gothic metal band is immensely talented and play a style that is so full of unrelenting passion and emotion that it just oozes from every note. Whether it's the moving female vocals of Ada Szarata or the impassioned guitar playing of Michal Christoph and Gracjan Jeran, every song just tugs at your soul.  It's like the band is not satisfied writing a catchy song or a heavy song or a dark song.  They may have songs that are all those things, but unless it reaches your inner being, it's not an Undish song.  At times they blast away with heaviness, but at a moment's notice they slip into a calming, soothing passage that totally takes the song in a different direction.  But never does it sound like the band lacks direction or purpose.  They just play and whatever comes out fits.  And it makes them Undish.

Packaging for this release is a nice digipak with a smaller than normal booklet with lyrics (that are sung in English and Polish).  The only problem is that the booklet tends to fall out really easy, so you gotta make sure you don't lose it.  Speaking of the lyrics, some of the English ones might as well be sung in Polish because they are really hard to figure out what they are saying.  Not that the singing isn't clear, but the lyrics really don't make much sense.  I'm guessing something got lost in translation on a few of the songs. 

In the end, I am thrilled that this album is finally seeing the light of day...a good 6 to 7 years after their previous album.  Here's hoping the next album is much quicker in coming cause this band is too good to fade off after only three releases.

Rating: 94/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: CL Productions

Total Songs: 14

Total Time: 55:24

Tracklisting: 1. I, 2. II, 3. III, 4. IV, 5. V, 6. VI, 7. VII, 8. VIII, 9. IX, 10. X, 11. XI, 12. XII, 13. XIII, 14. XIV

Best Songs: Tracks 1, 2. & 3

Band Lineup: Robert Baum - Drums, Michal Christoph - Guitars/Synth, Ada Szarata - Vocals, Andrzej Walensaik - Bass, Gracjan Jeran - Guitars

Band Website: http://www.undish.com