Vengeance Rising - Anthology


In 1993 towards the demise of Vengeance Rising, Intense Records decided to release a greatest hits album of the band.  This anthology scanned the four albums the band had made.  Although "Anthology" could definitely have had better songs...this one is pretty decent.  The one problem that they did is they mixed them all up instead of starting from the earliest recordings and working their way up.  I guess this shows exactly why Intense Records closed down.  They can't even get a historical compilation right.  The track listing goes as such:

Warfare (Once Dead)
Before the Time (Destruction Comes)
Human Sacrifice (Human Sacrifice)
You Will Be Hated (Released Upon the Earth)
Into the Abyss (Once Dead)
You Can't Stop It (Destruction Comes)
White Throne (Human Sacrifice)
Can't Get Out (Once Dead)
Bishop of Souls (Released Upon the Earth)
Out of the Will (Once Dead)
Countless Corpses (Destruction Comes)
Mulligan's Stew (Human Sacrifice)
Instruments of Death (Released Upon the Earth)

So you can see that overall this is a good album...but in my opinion, some of the best ones were not included.  "Fill This Place With Blood" is not on here and that is probably one of my faves the band ever did!  But I give the album it's fair dues.  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)