Transfigural Form - State of Decay


If you are really into underground metal, then Transfigural Form may be right up your alley. The production here is definitely indie, but then again, I've heard much worse by bands that have label support. Todd Pope is the brains behind this band and he shows forth a lot of promise with this release. Kind've a big mixing pot of lots of stuff, but remarkably stays consistent throughout. Mix early Mortification (self-titled era), Vengeance Rising (Destruction Comes era), Goredeath, and maybe a pinch of Crimson Thorn and you have a slight idea of what TF sounds like. I'd say a death/speed/thrash/groove/black mix. It sounds good though. The more I listen, the more I'm liking this album. It's a shame that Todd is having to release just CD copies of this album cause it deserves to be heard by more than just a few. It's not the best album ever by any means, but it keeps my attention very well. The songs are all interesting with blast beats, double bass, lightening fast riffing, good solos, and some really decent growling/grunting vocals (with the occasional blackish shriek).

I really like all of the 13 songs here, except for maybe "Vacant Memories". The music is okay, but the vocal job is really annoying. My favorite songs, though hard to narrow down, are "Suffer the Children", "Heavy Against Me", "Forced Belief", and "Fatal". Lyrics are very bold throughout the album. One of my favorites would be the very graphic "Suffer the Children" which tells of the attrocities of abortion.

Low points would have to be the production (which I think is still good enough to enjoy) and the vocals on "Vacant Memories". Strong points would have to be the well-written songs, the ability to hold your attention with every song, and the lyrics. If you would like to obtain a copy of this album (it is a CD copy in just a paper sleeve with lyrics available only on TF's website) send $3.00 well-hiden cash only US (or $5.00 outside US) to Transfigural Form, P.O. Box 13543, St. Paul, MN. 55113-0543. This is to cover shipping costs only. If you have questions about ordering or want to talk to Todd, you can e-mail him at  (Review by Matt)