Shining Star - Fatal Mistake


 Every so often, I get in the mood for some good ol' classic metal from the 80's.  However, with an ever-growing stack of albums to review, I rarely have time to pull out that fine release of the past and take a stroll down memory lane.  Fortunately for me, I have the privilege of reviewing Shining Stars debut album "Fatal Mistake".  This disc is chock full of power metal with tons of 80's classic metal influences.  Don't roll your eyes though, cause this Brazilian band lays down an addictive collection of tunes.  It took a few listens for these hooks to grab me, but once they did, their claws are deepening their grip.  With comparisons ranging from Yngwie Malmsteen to Narnia, this band is sure to please any fan of this style.  Fabio Rocha tantalizes us with some fabulous guitar playing, while Nando Fernandes adds some passionately intense vocals.  I even hear some Mike Lee (Barrencross) influences in songs like "I Wish...".  The best songs on the album are "Fatal Mistake", "Master of the Skies", and "Alive and Well".  My favorite of the three is definitely the high-powered "Alive and Well".  In fact, this song would be worth the price of the disc alone.  The passion in this song is unbelievable and truly is a worshipful song.  The lyrics on this song and all of the songs are really good and quite bold.  According to Fabio, the next disc is already completed and should be out around October of 2002.  The new album is supposed to be heavier, but will feature a different singer.  Definitely an album to look forward too...but in the meantime, give this fine disc a spin.  (Review by Matt)