Metanoia - Time to Die


I've heard a lot of people complain about this band. They agree that this is a talented group, but don't feel that they live up to their potential. Well, I kinda like them or I wouldn't have all three of their albums. They are not your typical extreme metal band. They sound different, but I just can't put my finger on the reason why. All I know is that they have improved with each album, and this album has been in my CD player for three straight days and I continue to be impressed. This is the Metanoia you've come to expect. Very heavy music with some of the deepest growling vocals you'll ever hear. But with this album they continue to build upon the variety that started to show on "Don't Walk Dead." The biggest thing that impresses me are the vocals. It's like listening to Extol or Possession. They constantly switch back and forth between the growling, to the screeching black vocals, to the screaming, to even some clean vocals. And it doesn't seem like they do it just for the heck of it. It fits well in every song and makes the album much more enjoyable then just plain growling would do. The instrument playing is tremendous as well. Steve shreds on guitar, Ian gives us some terrific drumming, and Lisa's bass playing is stronger than ever. The album starts off with two great songs, "Smashed" and "Paradise." "Now Listen Up" is #3 and it is very interesting. It starts off with some very fast black metal sounding guitar playing, but then stops and the vocals come in. But these are not your normal vocals, they are growling/rap-like vocals! I cringed when I first heard them. But after several listens I've actually started to like the song. "Judge Me Not" is another great song with a very good job on vocals. Standout cuts in my opinion would be "Time to Die" and "Corpses." The lyrics, as on past albums are very good and very Christ centered.  Not the best metal album in the world, but worth checking out if you need some more extreme metla in your collection.  (Review by Matt)