Saviour Machine - 1990 Demo


This release used to be very hard to find. I saw some places selling it for $100 or more! Thankfully, Saviour Machine re-released this album a few years ago so all of us could hear where Saviour Machine started.

If you are thinking that this album will be a lot like the other Saviour Machine albums, you are sadly mistaken. Yes, you can tell it is Saviour Machine, but this is a lot different. The music actually sounds dated unlike all their other releases which all sound like they just got released this year. The sound is not as full and heavy as Saviour Machine I (which was released 3 years later). The production is fairly good, but nothing like Legend III:I. The guitars here sound more like some of the alternative bands on the defunct Blonde Vinyl label from the early '90's. Eric could still sing very well back then, but I think his vocals have improved immensely.

Actually, the songs here are still very good. I would love to hear this CD re-recorded for a more modern sound. An old version of "Carnival of Souls" shows up here as well as an old version of "The Mask", which on this album is called "When the Cat Came Home". My favorite songs here are "Silent Vision", "Transcendence", and the terrific 20 minute epic "The Revelation". "The Revelation" is kind've a very shortened version of the whole Legend Trilogy. Very good though. The lyrics here are very good too as is commonplace with Saviour Machine. There is also tons of emotion in the songs.

I am really glad the band re-released this very important part of Christian music history. It's a great collectors item. People that don't really care for Saviour Machine's other releases should stay clear of this one, but if you are a die-hard fan I would definitely make sure that this is an album you own.  (Review by Matt)