Eternal Decision - Eternal Decision


After being out of print for a few years, Eternal Decision has re-released their debut album. It's a good thing too, cause this album doesn't deserve to stay out of print. If you like your music heavy, but like to understand the vocals instead of hearing a bunch of shreiking and growling than Eternal Decision is a good band to get into. More in the style of bands like Metallica and Pantera, Eternal Decision blasts out some metal that should be taken seriously. While not really in the same league as the above mentioned bands, they are no joke either. This is a local band for me as they live in the same area of the state of Oklahoma that I do. I remember when I first started listening to the local Christian station here, 91FM, of all the bands that the DJ played, Eternal Decision was by far the most played band. Lots of these songs bring back great memories of hearing these songs when they were first released. You couldn't go barely an hour without hearing Vern Marks play songs like "Risen" or "Turn". the CD itself. This release, while not earth-shattering, or extremely original, is a very solid release. The production is very good. The guitars and drums have a lot of punch that many major label bands lack. So you can blast it loud and not worry about killing your speakers. Every song is good so picking favorites is tough. I think I'd have to pick "Things I Say" because of the emotional lyrics and haunting guitar intro which quickly turns very heavy. The band locks into a groove and just doesn't let up. Another plus is all the guitar solos, which are quite good. The lyrics as I just mentioned are terrific. They are VERY bold and leave no doubt as to the One that the band places their trust in. Even though I like the vocals, I would say that they are the weak point on the album. They, at times, seem kinda forced, if that makes sense. All in all, this is a very good album that rocks hard thoughout. No ballads to be found. The cover art is very good too. If you like Metallica, Pantera, or the Jesus Freaks, you should easily get into this.  (Review by Matt)