Kekal - Beyond the Glimpse of Dreams


Here is a great black metal band from Indonesia of all places. Don't let this discourage you though. These guys have released an album full of extremely fast melodic black metal with a variety of vocals from high-pitched screeching black vocals, to gutteral black vocals, to growling death vocals, to female singing. Of the ten songs, eight are very heavy and very intense. Two are ballad-like songs (I'll comment on those later). It's hard to pick a standout cut. Songs like "Armageddon", "Spirits", "Deceived Minds", and "A Day the Hatred Dies" all please these ears. Great heavy guitars, great guitar solos, spooky keyboards, and great Christ-centered lyrics make for some very good songs. I do have a few complaints though. First, the songs "Escape Eternal Suffering" and "My Eternal Lover" have good lyrics, but they really break the flow of the album. Ballad-type songs are okay sometimes, but these songs really clash with everything else. They are not bad songs, they just don't fit. When I taped this CD to play in my car cassette player I left these two songs off. Another complaint is that they use a drum machine. It doesn't really sound bad, it's just that knowing it kinda turns you off. But I forgive them, cause Lord knows it's probably next to impossible to find a good Christian black metal drummer in Indonesia. Overall, a good black metal album that has received lots of play in my CD player and car stereo. I look forward to hearing their next album which I hear is already complete.  (Review by Matt)