Antimatter - Planetary Confinement

Whoa, talk about a surprise.  I've heard of Antimatter before, but I've never actually heard any of their material.  I was thinking metal when I popped this in and what I got was something way different.  Antimatter plays a style that is very acoustic based, very dark, and very somber.  The music is extremely beautiful and melancholy though with lots of very well-played acoustic guitars, piano, violins, and male and female vocals.  Fans of Opeth's Damnation album will probably dig this band.  The even do an interesting remake of Trouble's "Mr. White."  The album opens with a piano played ever so delicately.  From that point on, the band overwhelms you with moving and heartfelt music that sooths the soul. 

Lyrically, the band pens some pretty good stuff.  Some of it is depressing and much of it seems to be pointing fingers.  "Legions" talks of death, fools, and the grave and then warns, "If you don't learn to leave this thing alone/You'll never get to see the sun again/Your won't come out on top/The seed is sown."  Then the song "A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist" states, "Look at you clutching your guitars/As if it makes a difference to who you really are/Does the picking of a string stop the ticking of the clock?/When will this curtain fall?/How did you carve that psalm?/I'm sorry but your intellect is really not that sharp/You're drowning so you plagiarize what you wish to become/A stone masquerade so cold."  Somewhat funny, yet true in many cases.

Not much more to say.  Not metal at all, but some excellent stuff.  Nice for that rainy, depressing day or for showing your metal-hating girlfriend that there is hope for you yet.

Rating: 85/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: The End Records

Total Songs: 9

Total Time: 47:10

Tracklisting: 1. Planetary Confinement, 2. The Weight of the World, 3. Line of Fire, 4. Epitaph, 5. Mr. White, 6. A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist, 7. Relapse, 8. Legions, 9. Eternity Part 24.

Best Songs: Tracks 2, 4, 5, and 8.

Band Lineup: Mick Moss - Acoustic Guitars, Rachel Brewster - Violins, Stephen Hughes - Bass Guitar, Chris Phillips - Drums, Sue Marshall - Additional Vocals on "Legions", Duncan Patterson - Piano/Acoustic Guitars/Bass Guitar/Keyboards, Amélie Festa - Vocals, Mehdi Messouci - Additional Keyboards on "Relapse", Barry White - Lead Guitar, Alex Mazarguil - Djembe, Micheál ó Croinín - Drums.

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