Vomitorial Corpulence - Skin Stripper


Like your music heavy? No, no, no...I mean REALLY HEAVY!! Well, look no further. Vomitorial Corpulence has got to be the heaviest Christian band I've heard yet. This is grindcore (or some would say goregrind), which is a very rare style in Christian metal. Yeah, a lot of bands mix grind in, but very few play pure grind. VC hails from Australia and first made their mark on the 3rd Australian metal compilation on Rowe Productions. Well, "Skin Stripper" takes those tunes a step up. The music is unbelievably heavy and extreme, and the vocals are maybe even more extreme. Some of the most undiscernable death vocals I've ever heard. About half of the songs are next to impossible to follow along with, even with a lyric sheet! When Paul Green starts going with his vomit vocals at 90 mph it's gets tough to keep up.

With music this fast and extreme it helps to have good production. The production here is so-so. It's not bad, but it ain't good. However, it's good enough to allow for an enjoyable listen. It sometimes gets a little muddied, but it's better than the production on like Goredeath's "Cast into Darkness" if that gives you an idea. One nice thing is that that we have real musicians here. With a lots of black metal bands, for instance, you get a drum machine. Well, VC has a real drummer, blasts and all.

There are 27 songs on this album, but it's only 27 minutes. It's definitely worth getting though despite the short length. Most of the songs are very fast and very furious. Some are only a couple seconds and some reach about 2 or 3 minutes long. The songs titles are really crazy. Some are simple like "Do It". But some are really long like "Festering Insalubrious Bowel Hemorrhaging of Gangrenous Pustulosus and Abdominal Abscess Discharge of the Intestinal Tract". Say that fast 3 times! The song is actually about turning from sin. Most of the lyrics here are very bold. Topics include wide ranges from turning from sin to doing all kinds of gruesome things to Satan and his demons. Take "Christ is the Demon Crusher" for instance: "Crushed skull/Dismembered head/snapped spine/severed torso/shattered ribs/punctured throat/squashed spleen/mangled limbs/hacked/mangled/mutilated body/minced/shredded/eviscerated Belial/decapitated with a sledge hammer/Satan's carcass/ripped to shreds/Christ is the demon crusher!" Pretty graphic if you ask me. Other songs are not quite as gory like "Curse or Blessing": "Cursed is the one who trusts in humanity/and makes flesh their strength/they shall be like a shrub in the desert/blessed is the one who trusts in God/who's salvation is in the Lord/they shall be like a tree planted by water!" HOWEVER, the band does use a few choice words that may not sit well with some. In the song "Pathetic", the line at the end says, "Jesus is not bullsh*t". Then in the intro to "Christ is the Demon Crusher" their is a sample from a movie where a guys says, "I kick a** for the Lord!". Then, in the thank you's they thank an e-zine that has shown them support, but the f-word is in the e-zine's name. The band has since publically apologized for this mistake. Other than that the lyrics are very good and very bold.

My favorite songs include "Life", "Numb", "Karrionic Hacktician", "Christ is the Demon Crusher", and "Malignant Cankerous Brain Feast & Tumorous Cerebral Beverage of the Cranium". They even do two country type songs. Yes, I'm serious! They are absolutely hilarious. "Hillbilly Heaven" and "Barnyard Grind" are the titles. Nothing like some country-grind to get ya square dancing!

The artwork here is pretty graphic too. The front cover shows (I think Bartholomew) getting skinned to death. The inside cover has a cool painting that shows 11 of the disciples and pictures of how they were martyred. The other side of the booklet has some really graphic, gory pictures of human body parts oozing out of bodies with blood and junk. Not really sure if all this was necessary, but hey, it goes with the territory. If ya want to listen to goregrind, you're gonna see some gruesome stuff.

This album is really hard to find. Most places in the U.S. won't carry it because of the foul language, including Blastbeats and RadRockers. I had a friend try to order from the band and never received a response, but others have had luck. I got mine from a friend in New Zealand. I also have two friends who ordered their's online from a music store in Australia called Chaos Music (www.chaosmusic.com). They both got their VC Cd in about 8 days. You might try there first.

Overall, a really heavy album that I really enjoy a lot. It's worth getting if just to hear how extreme they are. If you are easily offended you might want to stay clear though. Here's hoping that the next one will be even heavier like the band claims.  (Review by Matt)