Kekal - Acidity

On the ten-year anniversary of their existence, Kekal is celebrating by releasing a new full-length album called Acidity. Kekal stormed onto the scene with their first album in 1998 called Beyond the Glimpse of Dreams. I can remember falling in love with that album and instantly becoming a Kekal fans that gobbled up everything they released.  That black metal album set the stage for a career of some of the most unique metal you’ll ever hear. And while they still retain some black metal tendencies, their music mixes avant-garde, classic rock, progressive metal, and progressive rock with everything from black, to death, to clean vocals to create a style that sounds like no one else. Kekal’s last album, 1000 Thoughts of Violence, was easily their best release yet. And this new album Acidity, while maybe not being quite as aggressive as a whole, perfectly matches the brilliance of 1000 Thoughts…while maybe even surpassing it (I've still not made up my mind on that point). Kekal continues to impress with their fine musicianship and creating song writing. Acidity will keep you on your toes whether the band rips a crazy guitar solo, lays down a funky jazz piece, utilizes an ambient-styled intro, or goes insane with blasting, double-bass, and black metal shrieking. I swear you don’t know whether to headbang, to dance like a fool…or both. 

The band has supposedly signed up a real drummer for the first time on this album.  Although their programmed drums have always sounded really good, and although the drumming here sounds real, I'm still skeptical since we don't have a photo of the drummer and the only name we get is L. Rion.  More surprises on this album include the rejoining of Leo Setiawan to the band and the guest appearance of Jason DeRon (Altera Enigma, ex-Paramaecium).

Kekal has once again created an album that is not for everyone.  Heck, it won't be understood by 95% of current metalheads.  But for those who love great metal by a band that is passionate about doing it right…Acidity is your album.

Rating: 94/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Fear Dark Records

Total Songs: 10

Total Time: 55:51

Tracklisting: 1. Characteristicon, 2. Strength in My Weakness, 3. Thy Neighbor's Morality, 4. A Dream for a Moment, 5. Broken, 6. Envy and it's Manifesto, 7. The Way of Thinking Beyond Comprehension, 8. Romantika Destruksi, 9. Blessing in Disguise, 10. Empty Space.

Best Songs: Tracks 2 and 3.

Band Lineup: Jeff Arwadi - Guitars/Vocals, Azharlevi Sianturi - Bass, Leo Setiawan - Guitars, Newin Atmarumeksa - Vocals, Didi Priyadi - Guitars, L. Rion - Drums, Jason DeRon - Guitars.

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