Crimson Thorn - Unearthed


One of the greatest death metal/grindcore albums of all time! This is a classic in every sense of the word. Crimson Thorn released this masterpiece in 1995, but even if it were released as new today, metalheads would still go crazy over it. In my opinion, it doesn't sounded dated at all, which makes it all the more a classic. You can today in 2001, let you friends hear the mighty Thorn for the first time and blow them away with this release. "Unearthed" is so freakin' heavy! These guys fly along at a lightning fast pace, then slow slightly, then blast your ears even more furiously! The technical guitars grind masterfully, the drums are pounded so hard and with such skill that you wonder if it's a human, and the vocals, ahhhh the vocals, Luke Renno is absolutely amazing. No boring growling here, this guys mixes in all different kinds of growls; some being so deep that you'd think that the liner note on the inside that says "Absolutely no effects were used on any vocals" is a lie! To top off the amazing music and vocals, they throw in some killer lyrics that just blast away at Satan's head. Check out the lyrics to "Decrepit":

"Fated to ceaseless misery/Liar thief destroyer/You poison life with pain/Leading sheep to the slaughter/Weariness for the souls you've taken/You now face eternal torment/Your corpse will rot/Your weakness makes me laugh/Wages of your lost war/CHRIST has conquered you satan!/Your evil power is useless/Against JESUS my SAVIOUR/Maggots will feed upon your skull/When CHRIST destroys your rotted soul"

YES! That's what I'm talkin' about! Now that's the kind of lyrics you like to see with death and grind bands. Lyrics like this from Crimson Thorn, old Mortification, Vomitorial Corpulence, etc. just fit the music perfectly. Too bad the majority of death/grind bands today are too nice guy with their lyrics, cause this is great stuff. Okay I'm off my soapbox now.

This album is just amazing! The ONLY thing you could complain about is the production. You don't have to worry about it messing up your speakers when you crank it, but you MUST crank it to hear it good. Other than that, this CD is flawless. I own the REX version which sports one of the best covers of all time. There was a remastered version of this CD which also included their 6-song demo "Plagued" included as bonus tracks, but the artwork was not as cool. Best songs here include...every song! There ain't a downer in the bunch. My favorites, however, would have to be "Unearthed", "Defaced", and "Comatose". Friends if you are into death metal or grindcore and don't have this album you must be in a "comatose" state. Don't hesitate a moment longer...get in NOW!  (Review by Matt)



I have in my possession the "Unearthed" album again after 5 years.  Re-released in 1997 by Morphine Records.  Obviously, by the production of this, they either had a very low budget...or the person engineering had no idea how to record this style of music.  This sounds more like a demo recording than actual album quality.  Anyways, the songs on here are pretty heavy.  Heavier than most bands out at the time (unless you were Broken Hope or Suffocation).  The song structures are pretty good.  A few boring riffs throughout the disk that bring the quality level of the songs down.  But the thing is, that this music is tight and solid.  I noticed the vocals are also a bit too loud.  A good all-around release to pick up.  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)