Metal Mission - Brazilian Collection Volume III

If you’ve never been to Metal Mission’s website, , then you haven’t seen the website that promotes Brazilian metal bands more than just about any site out there. Flávio and company provide tons of metal news, band links, interviews, and album reviews. Plus they also run a mail order section and they even used to have a very impressive print magazine (that was unfortunately only written in Portuguese). Well thankfully, their website has an English version as well. While Metal Mission does promote metal bands from all over the world, the “Brazilian Force” as they call it is their main focus. And in addition to everything else Metal Mission does, they also release compilation albums. This disc is the third Metal Mission compilation, and while I haven’t had a chance to hear the first two compilations, this one features power and progressive metal bands exclusively. There are 12 bands on here with a pretty consistent sound quality, but with differing levels of talent. Musically, most of the bands provide a fairly solid sound. Some are no more than average, but some of them are exceptionally talented. The biggest disappointment is that most of the bands have vocalists that really drag them down. They might start out with some fast guitar shredding and a ripping guitar solo or a brutal headbanding riff, but then the vocals start in and your like …”well, crap!” Definitely not all of the bands are like that, but enough to get annoying. The biggest standout band is easily Amos. This band put out a solid release with Gothic Soul a few years ago, and the band sounds really good with a new song off of their upcoming album to be released on Bombworks Records. They sound more mature than on Gothic Soul, with a heavier yet more melodic offering. Their vocalist sounds like a cross between the vocalists of Undish and Grammatrain.  Weird combination, but it works.  They’ve actually went for a more straight-forward metal approach instead of the more gothic-influenced songs on their past album.  That's not to say the rest of the songs will be mostly void of the gothic feel. 

While this compilation may have some weaknesses, it’s actually a good, consistent listen for the most part. It also gives you an idea of some of the music that will be coming out of Brazil in the next few years. Some I’m looking forward to…some I’m not. But thanks go out to Metal Mission for making a high quality compilation with decent to very good bands, solid production, and attractive packaging with lyrics and band info. Metal Mission and these bands’ goal is to spread the message of Christ, and with improving quality comes more people that will listen.  Fans of bands like Eterna, Angra, Shining Star, Dynasty, Dracma, and Symphony X should find some stuff to like on here.

Rating: 64/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Metal Mission

Total Songs: 12

Total Time: 61:28

Tracklisting: 1. Heaven Calvalry - "Without Fear", 2. Sceptrum - "Fim dos Dias", 3. Amos - "Shadows of Thy Cross", 4. Kerix - "When I Accepted", 5. Stractum Force - "Profane Legends", 6. Lux Salutis - "I am Immortal", 7. Angel X - "Ghost Ship", 8. Metal Live - "For You", 9. Overture - "The Fire is Open Again", 10. Clean Heart - "Time to War", 11. Juliano Collumbo - "Fire", 12. Slave - "Promessas".

Best Songs: Tracks 2, 3, 7, and 12.

Band Listing: Various

Band Website: