Sephiroth - Draconian Poetry

With it's debut album in 1999, Sephiroth impressed many listeners, and many still hold Cathedron in very high esteem.  Finally, after all these years, Sephiroth introduces us to Draconian Poetry.  Mixing electronics with the natural, Sephiroth creates an incredibly spell-binding album that could almost be described as "militant" dark ambient.  At times, lulling you...cradling you...gently caressing you...(somewhat like Raison d'être does) until you are caught in it's web; only to force it's will upon you with powerful and near-destructive rhythmic intensity.  The creation of Ulf Söderberg, Draconian Poetry is carefully crafted for your listening pleasure. Söderberg even utilizes on this album, some of his field recordings collected during travels to places such as Egypt, Iceland, and even to the Antarctic.  

Picture a gloomy and murky lake at dusk, softly stirred by the slight yet frigid breeze coming over the mountains to the north.  Lost from the rest of your friends for hours, you've stumbled out of the woods to find this body of water before you.  As the sun sets far below the mountains, darkness creeps upon you.  It's almost suffocating as it surrounds you from all sides.  Then, your ears hear a rumbling...a frightening sound in the distance.  Rushing towards you is a monstrous wave on the lake.  Yet the wind is now completely calm.  The wave crashes ashore, knocking you to the earth, as multiple waves smash into you relentlessly.  Then suddenly...the tranquil lake returns.  The eerie fog envelopes the water again as the only audible sound is the slight rustling of leaves in a nearby tree.  This is Sephiroth.

Rating: 90/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Cold Meat Industry

Total Songs: 7

Total Time: 48:38

Tracklisting: 1. The Call of the Serpent, 2. Dark Garden, 3. Uthul Khulture, 4. Therasia, 5. A Map of Eden Before the Storms, 6. The Clock of Distant Dreams, 7. Now Night Her Course Began.

Best Songs: Tracks 1 & 2.

Band Lineup: Ulf Söderberg    

Band Website: