Believer - Extraction from Mortality


This first album from Believer is absolutely amazing.  I remember hearing the demo at a Christian book store and thought "I have to get this album!"  If you like real thrash, you can't go wrong with this record.  If the cover of this album doesn't get your attention, the music surely will.  One thing you'll notice about them is that they are a tight band.  Excellent musicians, great vocals and production.  This will always be one of my favorites from Believer.  Almost all their songs are dark and bold, yet Biblical.  The only exception is their tune "Stress," which is more humorous and/or happy with a "why worry" message.  For years this album was very hard to find.  Thankfully, M8 re-released the album with some bonus tracks, so fans of thrash that didn't buy the album back when it was new or are just discovering the heavier side of Christian music can still get their copy.  Gary's Best songs:  "Unity," "Vile Hypocrisy," and "Stress."  (Review by Gary)