Tortured Conscience - 2001 Demo


From northern California comes what is probably the fastest and most brutal band that Christian death metal has ever seen!  Aside from the production, this 3 song outing is filled with some insane blast beats and crazy double bass, matched with insane chainsaw driven guitar work.  Every song has an intro and I see they all came from the same movie.  It adds quite an interesting flavor for the musical bludgeoning that's to come! There are a few things about it that I didn't like though.  I think there are way too many pinch harmonics in these songs.  They are added as part of the riffs and they really don't fit.  In a way it takes away from the brutality of the riffs that they are used in.  The first two songs "A New Trend" and "Chain The Fallen One" are two newer songs and flow nicely through angry mood after angry mood.  Works well to listen to if you are angry!  The third song is a re-recording of a song they previewed earlier on the Screams Of Abaddon compilation called "In Hell".  They doubled the speed of it and it is way more intense.  From what I understand, this demo is being put out officially on Sounds of The Dead Records as a split CD soon.  The demo's name has been dubbed to be called "Face of God".  The split compliation cd has a title, but I don't know the exact name.  Keep a look out for it though.  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)