Stauros - Adrift


Stauros is probably best known for being on the Rowe Production compilation "Southern Extremities".  However, after being less than impressed with this bands previous release "Seaquake", or what I heard of it, I was quite pleased to hear such a marked improvement on their latest album "Adrift".  Stauros is a Brazilian metal band that is a solid mix of power and progressive metal.  They are very popular in Brazil and have sold over 100,000 copies of their four albums combined.  The production is very well done on this release, which allows their fine musicianship to take center stage.  Great solos and crunchy guitars give headbangers plenty to get excited about.  These guys can get fairly heavy, but also deliver two show stopping ballads that really show their versatility.  One setback, is understanding Carlos Cesars' vocals.  They are sung in English, but his accent makes it difficult to follow along even with the lyric sheet.  Standout cuts are "Sacred Blow", "Bullfighter" and "A New Chance".  "A New Chance" is a very Guns-n-Roses influenced song that is felt throughout from the vocals to even the sweet guitar solo.  I've found myself liking this album more and more with each additional listen.  I can see some room for improvement on future releases, but the talent is definitely there.  (Review by Matt)