Inevitable End - s/t

Sometimes I just love getting demo releases from a new, up and coming band that really sounds promising.  It feels like you're getting in on something before everybody else jumps on board later.  I bought this CD at the Endtime Productions/Nordic Mission booth at the Cornerstone Festival.  This Swedish four-piece grinds out some crazy and brutal death metal on this new 3-song demo.  While the production/sound level is a little low on this release, what you hear when you crank it is a very talented band that gets me excited to hear what they will do in the future.  They dish out a good dose of up-tempo death metal with tons of furious double bass, blasting, and crunchy/screaming guitars.  The vocalist also does a solid job with some great deathly growls.  While the CD booklet is very simple and the CD is actually a CD-R recording of the songs, it was worth the $10 I spent buying it.  Somebody like Endtime Productions or Momentum Scandinavia should scoop these guys up and help them in recording their first mind-blowing full length release.  God knows, the more quality metal out there the better!  One side note...the band recently announced that their singer quit, but his replacement is none other than the vocalist from Bleedience (r.i.p.), Andreaz Hansen.  Those of you familiar with Bleedience will know that this is definitely not a step backwards.  This disc was at one time available at Nordic Mission, but they are sold out, so you may want to check the band's website to order.

Rating: 77/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Independent

Total Songs: 3

Total Time: 11:38

Tracklisting: 1. Redeemed By Fire, 2. End of All Battles, 3. Parade of Chaos

Best Tracks: Track 1

Band Lineup: Joakim Berqvist - Vocals/Bass, Jonas Arvidsson - Guitar, Joakim Malmborg - Guitar, Christoffer Johansson - Drums.

Band Website: