The Souls Unrest - s/t

Sometimes, the determining factor in my opinion on whether or not an album is great or not has nothing to do with who the band is.  It doesn't matter what label they are signed to.  It doesn't matter if they sell tons of albums and win all types of awards.  Heck, it doesn't matter if all my friends like them.  For myself, the main determining factor is this...after I finish reviewing the album, will it still get tons of time in my CD player?  I mean really...if I say here that an album is incredible but then I let it collect dust on my shelf, was I really right in my review?  Yeah, I guess it could come down to a matter of taste, but usually if it's good metal, I'll find a way to get some listening time in.

So, that brings us to The Souls Unrest.  Upon first listen to this album I really wasn't all that impressed.  But it's when the multiple listens occurred that this fantastic album began to sink in.  When I first saw this album advertised and saw the artwork and the band's name, I immediately thought metalcore.  However, while there may be a few instances where that genre may rear it's head on this disc, do not think for a moment that that is this band's style of choice. 

To describe this band's sound, maybe I should just describe what is left after the final song finishes.  Death.  Carnage.  Destruction.  Wreckage.  Nothing but a desolate wasteland is what you'll find.  This band is absolutely devastating, and their ultra-technical death/thrash style with unusual time-signatures will eat you alive.  There is only six songs on this 26 minute EP, but this band reeks havoc and chaos from start to finish.  The musicianship is stellar, from the crushing guitars that sometimes reminds me of the technical proficiency of Aletheian, to the rumbling bass that overwhelms everything in it's path, to the drumming which pounds, and blasts, and double basses its way into the very depths of your soul.  And the vocals...oh yeah!!  Blaze Pearson (great name!) delivers some tremendous growls that will haunt you for days.  Take your above average death metal growler and then up the ante by adding in the aggressiveness and passion that you find in many hardcore vocalists and you'll have Mr. Blaze.  These are not boring growls we have here.  They are the kind that you can't help but growl along with as you headbang and swing your butt-length hair and mosh around your living room with all your buddies.

And to top things off, this stuff is the bands old demos from 2003 and 2004.  So one can only imagine how awesome they sound now with at least 3 more years of playing together under their belts.  Their next full length is definitely something I can't wait to hear!

As for production, it's pretty good.  Although the second half of this EP is a little less appealing than the first half.  But really, once you crank the sound to 10 and start stage diving off your couch into the awaiting hands of your metal buddies, you really won't have many complaints with the production on this disc.

In the growled words (screams) of the band's song "Freedom"..."You can't hide!!!!  You can't hide from me!!!!"  There's no sense in hiding and avoiding this album.  If you run, it will hunt you down!

Rating: 89/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Bombworks Records

Total Songs: 6

Total Time: 26:31

Tracklisting: 1. Rising, 2. Freedom, 3. A Deadly Poison, 4. Axehandle, 5. Thunderbolt, 6. Though I Fall, 7. Unibrow.

Best Songs: Tracks 2 & 3.

Band Lineup: Blaze Pearson - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Josh Weaver - Guitar/Vocals, Melanie Weaver - Bass/Vocals, Lee Smith - Drums.

Band Website: