Selfmindead - At the Barricades We Fall


Unlike most people who reviewed Selfmindead's first release, I wasn't too fond of it. There were a couple of good songs, but overall it didn't live up to what I expected from Solid State Records. I'm not sure exactly why I decided to take a chance on their second release, but I sure am glad I did. It's amazing what a diffence a couple of years will make. "At the Barricades We Fall" is head and shoulders above their self-titled debut. On their first record the Swedish accent got on my every last nerve. This time around, there is still the accent but the vocals are better by far. I can't listen without cringing. The music is also a tad heavier, which rarely ever seems to hurt any band. The first song "Liar" is a great song to start off this great album. The ending gets on my nerves though as they repeat the last line of "I won't believe in your lies" too many times to count. I guess it does get the point across though. "The Motivation Song" is next. It slows down often with singing then quickly picks up the pace and the heavy guitars and screaming come flying back into the mix. A lot of songs on this album have slower paced verses with a droning-like guitar and drums, then they rock out on the chorus. Kinda like the back and forth intensity found on Blindside's first album. (Although they sound nothing like Blindside). "Into the Fire" is probably my favorite song. It gets very intense and seems to have more of an attitude then all the other songs. "Burn Down the Old and Build Up the New" is another good song. But this one does that repeating thing again like "Liar" does. It is not as annoying as on "Liar" though. Other really cool songs include "Freedom" and "Agree to Disagree". This won't be voted as album of the year, but it is a very solid album that deserves more attention than their first release.  (Review by Matt)