Screams of Abaddon II - Death/Black Metal Compilation 2


Dysmorphic Records has released the second installment of Screams of Abaddon and shows improvement over the first release.  This is a compilation comprised of death and black metal bands exclusively, and is mostly underground bands that your typical "Christian bookstore junkie" will have never heard of.  Despite the non-popularity of most of these bands, there is some good music here to digest, along with a few throw-aways.  The main obstacle most will need to look past is the inconsistent production.  Some bands sound pretty decent, but others really suffer production-wise.  Of the 15 bands, the standouts are Sympathy, Syringe, Encryptor, Benevolence, Soul of the Savior, Exousia, and Sorrowstorm.

Of the standout bands, Sympathy is easily head and shoulders above the rest.  Their cut "Realm of Disease" is off their debut "Invocation" and this song just plain shreds with some killer technical death metal.  However, the production on this song seems to be a step down from the production on "Invocation".  This seems to be the case with some others songs too, like the cuts from Sorrowstorm.  Speaking of Sorrowstorm, the band delivers two quality black metal songs here, although "Nocturnal Apparition" is really my least favorite off their "Caverns of Grief" album.  The clean vocals that they mix in just make me cringe.  Encryptor's stuff here sounds like a good improvement over the majority of what is on their "Drowning in Flesh" release.  However, these two cuts will only be available on this release, so if you look for them on their next album "Sermon Decay", you'll be out of luck.  Encryptor's biggest problem to overcome seems to again be the production.  It's improved, but still not on the level to compete with the best bands of the genre.   Other good surprises here are good cuts from Benevolence, Pergamon, Syringe, Exousia, and Soul of the Savior.  Probably the weakest cuts here are Secretion and Goredeath.  Both of these songs are going to be skip-button material for most listeners.

  The packaging is pretty decent (especially the sweet inside artwork), and although lyrics are not included, there are links to all the band's websites so you can check them out in more detail.  You can purchase this release at  (Review by Matt)



As if Screams of Abaddon wasn't bad enough, out comes Screams of Abaddon 2.  This time Dysmorphic Records takes the place of Laceration Productions as the label putting this out.
Well, I definitely know why the famed demon Abaddon was screaming because this cd SUCKS!  The coverart is 100 times better than the first one, but this is still very amateur and generic.  Whomever did this art better get out of 1st grade and go to art school if they are going to work professionally.
Now on to the bands.  The first track on this compilation cd is Exousia. This band comes from Mexico and deliver a great punch and in my opinion, you couldn't have asked for a better opening band with the talent this band has!  I hear alot of old school influence in these guys.  Iron Maiden type melodies but added to death metal.  Superb musicianship as they flawlessly move through genres they incorproated to make their own. 

Second up is the Texas based band Benevolence.  This is a great improvement over their demo.  Though the vocals are too deep to fit the music and the guitars are tuned too low to make any impact.  Just sounds boring to me.  At least they aren't a doom band anymore.
Third on this disk is Pergamon with the song "Why".  I'm kinda wondering the same thing!  WHY????  Why is this band putting this out?  Sounds as though they are trying to be black metal but are falling short.  I think if these guys take more time, they would have a better chance.  Production lacks which ruins this for me.  And this is a death metal band with alot of harmonies, not a black metal band as I have read.

Fourth and fifth on the cd is Encryptor.  This isn't just sounds like he was recording in a cardboard box.  It lacks the punch in both songs. More work is definitely needed.  Though not horrible, it's not great either.  I am not understanding how there are two songs by a less talented band than a great band.  Oh well.

Sixth up on this "now becoming boring" cd is Syringe.  A band that tries to black metal with thrash and can't make up their mind what they are doing yet.  This song is not as good as some others I heard.  Maybe they will realize they are better at the thrash stuff.  Vocals definitely blow on here. Good production though.
Seventh is probably the most lame death metal band I have heard ever try to record...Secretion.  Very amateur, lame, slow, boring, monotonous garbage.  I have read on their site they had broken up!  Whew... it was needed!!!!!!
Up next at number eight is Exorcism from Pennsylvania.  This sounds like an anthem to some 80's horror flick at the beginning.  It breaks into some death/black mix and is very talented.  I just don't like the processed stuff I hear.  Sounds like it was recorded on a computer.  But overall this is good.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  This cd is now starting to bore me to death!!!!!!!  But I guess I have to go on.
At number nine is Death Requisite.  The song "Crimson Savior" has good guitar work but the singer SUCKS!!!!!!!!  Give up amateur!!!!  Definitely skip this track!  Maybe the musicians will get a clue and get a better singer!
At number ten is Ministros Del Santuario.  Very poorly produced song and just not over excitingly written.  Not bad...but the band needs work.  On to the next track.

On we go, track eleven is Nihilist.  Obviously, the band hasn't known about Entombed before they became Entombed.  Anyways, this is just hardcore singing over boring music.  This definitely is horrible!
Track twelve is probably the best band Christian Death Metal will ever know!  SYMPATHY!  Tight, fast, aggressive, in your face power that will rip your spine out and leave you bloody and begging for more.  The only drawback is the drum machine.  But it's not that much of a setback. Definitely the best on this disk!  This should have been put on earlier in the disk to stop the monotony that the disk had brewing.
So now I've just heard Sympathy and I am finally ready to give this more of a chance to listen to the rest.
At track thirteen comes the band Chains of Bondage.  This band has absolutly no timing.  This sounds like a boombox recording.  I can't even listen to this!!!
Track fourteen is Soul of the Savior.  This is a pretty promising band from Florida.  Hopefully they get an album out soon.  They blend the new style stuff like Six Feet Under, with what I guess could be some other Floridian bands like Cannibal Corpse, and a tad of Brutality.  I think with a better production and more time working on songs, this could be a great band.
Track fifteen is Sorrowstorm with the song "Nocturnal Apparition".  This is more death metal than anything.  Blackish vocals overall mixed with clean vocals, but death metal music.  Crap production though.  Can't say anything except I really don't like this song whatsoever.
Track sixteen on this extensively long, boring, and drawn out compilation cd is Goredeath.  Much improvemenet was made on this song "Cast Into Darkness".  It's just way too short!!!
Finally, the last track comes.  Sorrowstorm tries it again.  More black-oriented music this time and an overall way better song than the previous one.  But again it has such sorry production.  And not bad because black metal is supposed to have this kind, but.......not like this.  This is bad for the sake of it along with the song prior.
So in closing off this review, this cd is WAY TOO LONG and doesn't do anything for me.  I hope the good bands improve, and the rest just simply quit making fools of themselves.  Either break up or force improvement.  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)