Blank - Heronomous

Well, this is definitely something you usually won't find reviewed on these pages.  Blank is a poppy rock band out of Sweden that is on the same label as the band Mammuth that I reviewed a couple months ago.  The band is actually quite talented and dishes out some very catchy songs with great melodies and infectious vocals.  Think bands like U2 and Coldplay and you are starting to wrap yourself around what this band has to offer.  Vocals would be somewhere in-between, but the U2 similarities would be more in the energy the band conveys, and the Coldplay influences would be more in the pop sensibilities.  I don't think the band is nearly as deliberate as Coldplay is though.  Fans of the old rock band Jerusalem (especially their Prophet album) may also dig this band due to the highly emotional aspects of their music and also the connection of them both being from Sweden.

Production and packaging are very nicely done and the lyrics are solid...very evidently showing their faith in Christ.

While this is definitely not something I'd listen to everyday, it's a well done album by a talented group of guys.  Fans of the other bands I mentioned above should definitely check them out.

Rating: 83/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Talking Music

Total Songs: 10

Total Time: 41:59

Tracklisting: 1. Come, 2. Hard, 3. Moments, 4. Hearts Like Heroes, 5. The Key, 6. Need, 7. Lost Without Your Love, 8. Creation, 9. Alright, 10. Sing.

Best Songs: Tracks 6 & 10.

Band Lineup: Joel Berggren - Lead & Background Vocals, Per NylÚn - Guitars, Jonas Gustafson - Drums & Percussion, Mattias Edenholm - Bass.

Band Website: