Katagory V - The Rising Anger

Ok, I'm not going to mince any words.  After the short intro, the first song "Liberated Minds" kicked in and I thought to myself, "Hmm...nice and heavy.  Sounds like a good start.  I could like this.  Oh wait...CRAP!  No, no NO!  Stop singing!  Ahhhh...geesh!  Do you have to go and ruin the music?!"  And such was my initial reaction to this newest album by Katagory V.  Musically, the band isn't all that bad.  Some very solid melodic metal with some progressive and thrash elements.  They have a nice crunch, good and tight, nice production as well.  But man, I just can't say I care for the vocalist here.  There are a few times he sounds better than others, but at other times he just sounds like he has absolutely no direction.  Have you ever had some lyrics in front of you and tried to sing a song for the first time not knowing what the song even sounded like?  Well, that's what this sounds like in many of the songs.  He sounds hesitant and timid, and when he does try to belt it out it just doesn't sound natural.  Instead of feeling the passion that you should feel, it feels plain and lifeless.

Seriously, I'd heard a lot of good about this album, and I'm sure that many people out there will enjoy it.  But personally, I can't recommend this very highly when I've heard lots of much better stuff lately.  And that album cover...ouch! 

Rating: 59/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Nightmare Records

Total Songs: 10

Total Time: 52:38

Tracklisting: 1. A Change in Time, 2. Liberated Minds, 3. The Elitist, 4. Will You Remember, 5. The Rising Anger, 6. Drained, 7. Leave Us Behind, 8. Fading In..., 9. Hostile Takeover, 10. Risk and Sacrifice.

Best Songs: Tracks 5, 6, & 9.

Band Lineup: Lynn Allers - Vocals, Curtis Morrell - Guitar, Marc Hanson - Guitar, Dustin Mitchell - Bass, Matt Suiter - Drums.

Band Website: http://www.katagory5.com or http://www.myspace.com/katagoryv