Mortification - Grind Planets DVD

The once hard to find Mortification video Grind Planets has finally been re-released, and this time on DVD!  I remember searching for this long and hard when it was only available on VHS.  Thankfully, I didn't find it and didn't spend the money on the VHS, as having this on DVD is a much better alternative.  This DVD shows Mortification in all it's early "glory" with nine concept videos, tons of crazy and very funny band footage, and then a full live concert from 1992.  The concept videos include, Terminate Damnation, Turn, Until the End, The Destroyer Beholds, Raise the Chalice, Eternal Lamentation, Satan's Doom, and The Majestic Infiltration of Order.  Many of the videos just show the band playing their instruments, but they try to make each video different by adding a few different props, special video effects, and backgrounds and also filming them in different locations, include live footage.  Watching the live footage is actually pretty fun as Mortification rips out the death/grind metal while the crowds mosh like crazy and stage dive.  I saw numerous people getting kicked in the face and a couple times where it looks like fights were getting set to break out.  Probably the best videos are Eternal Lamentation (because it's just a freakin' brutal song and they show Steve Rowe singing while it looks like he is engulfed in flames), The Destroyer Beholds (because of the cool war footage and bombs exploding that overlays the band's live footage), and The Majestic Infiltration of Order (because of more war footage, fighting, and some humorous cut and paste looking eyes and mouths that they put on the band members during the video). 

The band footage in-between the videos is VERY cheesy, but very funny as well.  You get to see a tour of the band's tour bus, the guys taking pictures on the street in Australia, and the guys doing their laundry (which includes a brief - no pun intended - view of Steve Rowe's underwear...yikes!!  And Rowe putting a dog in one of the dryers at the laundry mat to the laughter of those in the building).  They also give us a tour of the extremely slummy hotel that they stayed at after a concert.  Sleeping under a highway underpass might have been more luxurious than where they stayed.

As for the live concert video, it was recording at the Arthouse in 1992.  The quality is pretty low and the camera shot is pitiful to put it nicely.  After a few songs, the camera zooms in a little, but you still have a hard time seeing the band because of heads in the way or hair swirling with all the headbanging.  After seeing the Grind Planetarium concert video, this one pales in comparison.

So, here you have it.  For all long-time Mortification fans, this is a must have.  While this is nothing overly fancy, it's well put together and gives you an inside glimpse of one of the most influential bands of the early '90's.  And gosh...I can't get over how much Jayson Sherlock looks like Mikael Åkerfeldt on this DVD.  Anybody else notice this?  Anyways...thanks to Soundmass and Rowe Productions for making this available once more.

Rating: 80/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Rowe Productions/Soundmass

Total Videos: 9 plus one full live concert

Total Time: 89:00

Tracklisting: 1. Intro, 2. Terminate Damnation, 3. Turn, 4. Until the End, 5. The Destroyer Beholds, 6. Raise the Chalice, 7. Eternal Lamentation, 8. Satan's Doom, 9. The Majestic Infiltration of Order, 10. Live at The Arthouse 1992.

Best Videos: 5, 7, & 9.

Band Lineup: Steve Rowe - Vocals/Bass, Michael Carlisle - Guitars, Jayson Sherlock - Drums.

Band Website: