Jet Circus - Look at Death Now

Remember Jet Circus? Yeah, the band with the funny name that mixed metal with dance music and a little rap back in the early '90's. They actually became pretty popular back in the day. Now do you remember?

I had a copy of Jet Circus' debut album Step On It a long time ago. I remember that the local metal station used to play songs like "Step on It" and "Victory Dance" all the time. I kinda liked that stuff at the time, but somewhere along the line I either traded or lost my copy of that album. I haven't really missed it much over the years either. In fact, I hadn't even thought about that album until recently the band was able to release their long lost sophomore album from 1993 for the first time. The album was called No Mercy for the Living Dead. Then they also re-released Step on It as well. While Jet Circus fans in general were happy to see these albums see the light of day, I for one didn't really take too much notice.

Well, a week ago I got a copy of Jet Circus' new album Look at Death Now in the mail. Originally this was supposed to be released as a solo album by lead member Ez Gomer. However, I'm guessing they changed their mind as the album cover says Jet Circus. That's probably a smart move since Jet Circus is a more recognized name. To further get the attention of fans, the band has some notable names that contribute to the music on this new disc. Mikkey Dee (Motorhead) contributes some drumming, Stefan Elmgren (Hammerfall) contributes some guitars, Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Toto, Richard Marx) contributes some guitars, and there were also contributions from Jet Circus members Terry Haw and Michael Ulvsgärd.

While this album is less metal than their previous material (from what I remember), this is overall a much better album than their earlier work. This is just a solid, heavy, full of attitude, rockin' fun album to listen to. Crunchy/fuzzy guitars, monster grooves, crazy leads, soaring solos, gritty vocals, blood curdling screams, and lots of headbanging. I must say that I have enjoyed this album quite a bit, and I dare say that this will please old fans of the band, but also will appeal to people that couldn't stand Jet Circus in the past. Fans of Jet Circus, Scorpions, Mad at the World, and maybe even bands like Elder and Bride can find stuff to enjoy here. Really, the only thing I wished they had left off the album are the two ballads. Neither one of them are bad, but it's just a shame to interrupt all the wild rockin' of the other songs. My favorite songs on the disc would probably be "Man Rules", "Shooting Star", "Skull of the Poet", and the title track. 

I will say that this album has been quite a surprise as I was not expecting to enjoy it this much. It's not a blockbuster release, and may not make most people's top 10 for 2005, but it's quite the fun listen.  The packaging is also VERY, VERY nice.  You should be able to pick this up at    

Rating: 73/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Rivel Records

Total Songs: 9

Total Time: 35:51

Tracklisting: 1. One Dime Scapegoat, 2. Man Rules, 3. Godless Happiness, 4. Look at Death Now, 5. Lizzard Love, 6. The Way You Bless Me, 7. Shooting Star, 8. Skull of the Poet, 9. Fears of Tomorrow.

Best Songs: Tracks 2, 7, and 8.

Band Lineup: Ez Gomer - Vocals/Bass, Sayit - Guitar, Michael Ulvsgärd - Drums, Mikkey Dee - Drums, Stefan Elmgren - Guitar, Dan Helgesson - Hammond, Ulf Vinyl Stenberg - Keyboard, Joakim Holgersson - Piano, Tommy Denander - Guitar, Strings from the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

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