Barrencross - Rock for the King


Star Song originally released this album back in 1986, then in 1990 the album was re-released by Medusa.  Though the two albums contain the same songs and the Medusa version has several extra live tracks, these two albums have a different sound.  Most, as well as myself, prefer the original.  The sound quality is much better on the Star Song issue.  The Medusa one sounds way over produced and not nearly as enjoyable.  Barren Cross is a very talented band.  Their sound has been compared to Iron Maiden and of the few songs I've heard from Iron Maiden, I can see why.  The vocals are very similar as well as some of the music.  This is straight up metal from the 80's.  Lots of crunchy guitars, guitar solos and an over-all "bang your head" sound.  This was their first full-length album and the lyrics are a little simplistic at times (yet very bold) and some might consider a few lyrics to be a little on the cheesy side, but as with some 80's albums, what was considered cool back then, isn't so much now...but don't let that stop you from trying to track down this album.  Whether you're missing this album from your Barren Cross collection or are looking for a Christian alternative to Iron Maiden, Rock For The King is worth getting, if you can find it.  From the title track anthem to the classic "Light The Flame" ballad, this Barren Cross album is one no Christian metal head should be without.  Gary's Best Songs: "Going Nowhere," "Rock For The King," "Give Your Life" and "Light The Flame."  (Review by Gary)