Jupiter VI - Back from Mars

Yet another project that Jimmy Brown is involved in that falls way short of the brilliance that was Deliverance.  I know he's probably sick of hearing the comparisons with his past band, but when you are involved with a band that had as much success as they did and is still revered as much as they are today, then enduring comparisons is something you are going to have to live with whether you like it or not.  Now granted, Deliverance went really downhill after the great albums Stay of Execution and Learn, but at least they still had their moments.  

Jupiter VI is quite a different band though and aside from Jimmy Brown's familiar sounding vocals, this is a far cry from his speed/thrash days.  This band would fall more in line with a David Bowie, D.A., and Fearful Symmetry type sound.  There are some occasional heavy moments here and there on this album, but if you're looking for a return to Brown's heavy days, this is not the album to do it with.  There's just too much weirdness going on here.  I will say though that if you liked his Fearful Symmetry stuff and maybe some of the last few Deliverance albums, but with a more rocky, accessible feel, than Jupiter VI is more the band for you.  There are a lot of lighter moments on here as well with softer vocals and even acoustic guitars.

I only have a promo of this, so I can't make any comments on packaging or lyrics.  Although, I must say that the cover with the guys in space suits kinda reminds me of something the Galactic Cowboys would do.  All in all, this is okay if you like the style of the above mentioned bands, but this is not something I can really get into at all.  And for those interested, my wife just gave her opinion of this CD as I was finishing this up..."Man, that sounds crappy!"  Yeah...enough said.

Rating: 57/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Retroactive Records

Total Songs: 12

Total Time: 50:36

Tracklisting: 1. Back from Mars, 2. The Human Endeavor, 3. Mimes XIII:II, 4. Corporate Stiff, 5. From Here Til Ever, 6. Passions, 7. In a World Of..., 8. All Day and All of the Night, 9. Through the Speakers, 10. Lucidia, 11. Brand New Day, 12. Zuruch Von Mars.

Best Songs: Tracks 1, 5, 8, & 12

Band Lineup: Peter, Helmut, Remedios, Spirios, & Darby

Band Website: http://www.jupiter6.com