P.O.D. - Satellite


Well, the follow-up to P.O.D.'s "Southtown" album is upon us. In the past couple years since that release the rapcore scene has become next to ridiculous. Most of the bands out there make me wanna puke. However, there is one band that stands head and shoulders above all the rest and that is Payable on Death. Upon first listen, I thought to myself that "Southtown" was a better album. Songs like "Southtown" and "Outkast" just stood tall above anything on "Satellite". But after numerous listens I think my opinion is starting to change. Now I'm not ready to say that there are any songs on this release better than "Southtown" or "Outkast", but overall I think this is a more consistent release. The San Diego boys are as tight as ever. And the production...ahhhh...I wish more Christians had this kind of money to spend on production. If you've seen the video on MTV for "Alive" you know that the first single is a good one, however, that song would probably be about 3rd, 4th, or 5th on my list of favorite songs here. Songs like "Messenjah", "Set it Off", "Boom", and "Thinking About Forever" are probably more liked by this reviewer than "Alive". Not to take anything away from that song though, cause it is very good. Speaking about "Thinking About Forever", it is actually a ballad, but it is one amazing ballad. The guys can slow it down quite nicely. Terrific guitar work in this song.

The music overall sounds about just as heavy as "Fundamental Elements of Southtown". Some songs are heavier, some not. There are a couple annoying songs, "Without Jah Nothin'" and "Ridiculous". Not bad songs, they just break the pace. One complaint I've heard is the lack of boldness in the lyrics. I say, take that complaint and ignore it. It is a load of bull. The lyrics are terrific. Take "Messenjah" for instance: "This I pledge, and I'll take it to my death/ I'll lay my life down for you and die over again I and I, I'm not ashamed of the Most High/ Even if I die tonight, if I die tonight/ This I pledge, and I'll take it to my death/ You can bet your life on my words and everything I said/ You can't take away my love for this sacrifice/ Even if I die tonight, if I die tonight." Call that watered down and your a crazy person. Other songs are similarly bold.

Overall, I like "Satellite" better than "Southtown". The passion and emotion in the songs even seems to be at a higher level. This band believes what they sing about and they refuse to bow down to those who believer different. It's refreshing to listen to a band like P.O.D. who puts out quality without compromise. Now, I'd much rather listen to some good 'ole death metal, but it would be a shame if brutal music lovers skipped over this band just because of the genre they fall under.  (Review by Matt)