Vengeance Rising - Destruction Comes


This 3rd album by Vengeance Rising is easily their most disappointing effort.  All the guys in the band except Roger Martinez left and it definitely shows.  This album sounds like just one long, somewhat boring song.  Exceptions to the "same sound" are "Hyde Under Pressure" and "Raegoul".  This is just lightening fast trash/grind/death that repeats itself over and over.  The best way to enjoy this album is to listen loud and follow along with the lyrics sheet.  This sometime tends to make the songs sound a little different from each other.  Artwork is good.  Lyrics are good.  But little else went into the making of this album.  "Best" songs include: "Before the Time" (cause of it's awesome video on the Hot Metal IV video) and "You Can't Stop It" (the album opener - cause it sounds good until you realize that it's repeated 7 other times). (Review by Matt)