Born From Pain - War

Nothing all that innovative here.  But if you love massively brutal hardcore weaved with metal than this is something you'll dig.  However, I wouldn't really toss this band in the heap of "metalcore" bands of today as that really doesn't describe them best due to their much more hardcore influenced style than metal. 

Instead of the shrieking vocals of most metalcore bands like Zao or Norma Jean, these guys travel the more hardcore route with screaming and gang vocals.  And the music is just crushing and relentless with huge riffs and killer breakdowns.  Even though this band is nothing new, it's a little bit refreshing to hear something that reminds me of my old hardcore-lovin' days as lately most of the hardcore/metal bands I review are way more trendy.

As far as the lyrics go, the band takes a very angry stance again the social problems they see and things in life that they see as wrong.  Can't say as I agree with all of their views, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  And as for the packaging, I wouldn't call it any more creative than their music itself, but it serves the purpose.  Production is nicely done though and allows the band's brute heaviness to take center stage.

That's it.  No frills.  Just flat out heavy as a ton of bricks with enough aggression to kick your butt into next week.

Rating: 78/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Metal Blade Records

Total Songs: 11

Total Time:

Tracklisting: 1. Relentless, 2. Behind Enemy Lines, 3. Stop at Nothing, 4. Bury Me Fighting, 5. Crusader, 6. Grey Life, 7. The War is On, 8. Scorched Earth, 9. Eyes of the World, 10. Doomsday Clock, 11. Iron Will

Best Songs: Tracks 3 & 4

Band Website: