No Innocent Victim - Tipping the Scales


Pummeling...Intense...Brutal...That pretty much sums up No Innocent Victim. This hardcore band from San Diego has just released their fifth album overall and second on Victory Records, and they continue along the same lines as all their previous releases where they just pound out hefty-duty hardcore. This release is a step up in my opinion, but it remains to be seen how much. They do a terrific job here, but it still sounds very similar to past releases. It's like they are more or less just continuing to refine what they have already done before. Not that this is a bad thing though, cause they are very, very good at the style they play. They just aren't expanding their sound a lot. Of course, when bands do do that, most of us complain, so maybe I should just be happy about this. Regardless, this is a good album. The production is nice and thick. The music is tight and brutal. The lyrics are very impressive as always from this very bold band. It's good to see Christians put out music on secular labels but continue to stand firm on their beliefs. The artwork is stellar as well. Best songs include: "Tipping the Scales", "Calm Before the Storm", and "Forward". The one BIG, HUGE...I mean HUGE problem I have with this release, beside the songs sounding a little similar at times, is the length. Yes, it is 11 songs, but it only comes in at just over 22 minutes!! Two years between releases and you can only come up with 22 minutes of material??? And they are charging full price and calling it a full-length??? I'm sorry folks, but this is an EP if you ask me. I think full price is ludicrous. Yes, it's good, but don't rip off loyal fans like this. I don't know if the band has a say in it, but if they do...shame, shame! Besides that, this is a very solid release by a very talented band. It needs about 4 or 5 more songs though or some extended jamming to push it at least into the 30 minute range. Two minutes per song sounds really rushed. Anyways...if you like NIV, this is another good one.  (Review by Matt)