Spitfire - The Dead Next Door


Say all you want about Solid State Records, but they have made a big impact on Christian music.  Whether good or bad is a personal opinion.  If you like Embodyment's "Embrace the Eternal", then this is right up your alley. Not a clone, but similar in style. The music is extremely brutal and the vocals are hardcore with plenty of growling 'ala death metal. They even throw in some clean singing that mixes things up a bit. Every song on here except one, blasts away at your skull. The one exception is "All Indentured Lovables", which is an emo-like instrumental. Best songs would be "Marasmus" and "Good Cop, Bad Cop". The lyrics are well done and can get a little deep at times. Front cover and inside artwork are also well done. The only downer would be that at times, like Embodyment's "Embrace...", the songs tend to sound kinda similar from track to track. But hey, when the songs are this good...who cares! I'm listening and I'm lovin' it. If you like it heavy then this is a great place to be. And if you like most of the other Solid State bands then you've found a new friend. And seeing the new direction that Embodyment is heading towards we can all breathe a sigh of relief...at least for now.  (Review by Matt)