Immortal Souls - Divine Wintertime/Mordecai - Through the Woods, Towards the Dawn - Split CD


If you like black or death metal get this album! Don't hesitate. Do it now, or regret it later. This CD is terrific! One listen was all it took. When this disc finished all I could wonder was when will both of these bands be releasing full length albums. I can't wait! Immortal Souls is first up. All four songs are awesome. They play an intense style of melodic death metal. The music is fast and heavy. All the instruments are played very well. The brutal vocals are also extremely well done. My favorite song would have to be "Morning Mist." It starts off with soft guitar before the heaviness comes storming in to rip your head off. The lyrics talk of a person dying with cancer. The person dreds each morning and realizes all the dreams of his younger years are futile. The painkillers have stopped working, but he realizes that his desperation would be so much worse if he didn't have Christ. Mordecai is next. I voted them best new band of 1999 in HM's readers poll. This band is extremely talented. They play some of the best black metal I've heard lately. They are very creative with their music. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always heavy. I love the vocals here. The black vocals are great and they even like to mix in a little growling here and there. The lyrics are all praise and worship. Very well done! My favorite cut here is "Dawn Eternal." They mix back and forth between black vocals and clean vocals on this one. The clean vocals sounding kinda like a miny Dracula choir (if that makes sense). And of course, the music is stellar. Heavy, spooky, and dark. Folks, I really have no complaints. This one's a keeper. Be sure to tell your friends.  (Review by Matt)