Immortal Souls - Under the Northern Sky


The most anticipated release of the first quarter of 2001 is finally here...the new Immortal Souls album! And it doesn't disappoint. The band has taken what they built on their split with Mordecai and refined, slightly changed, and improved on it. One big difference I hear is the vast amount of lead guitar compared to the last album. I think this seems to make the pace of the music seem much faster, compared to their split EP. 
The songs here are very brutal melodic death metal at its finest.  Think Dark Tranquility or In Flames for a comparison.  The vocals are similar to the growling style on their split EP from a few years ago, very brutal.  The musicianship is top notch as we've come to expect from this group.  The lyrics are well done making many references to nature, winter, snow, and frost like their last album, and tying many of them back into their relationship with Christ and worship. Kind've a unique lyrical approach compared to most other Christian bands. The packaging is very impressive. The first 500 copies come in a cool black cardboard box that also has a sticker of the album cover inside. The CD cover is a beautiful picture of trees and snow looking upward towards the greenish sky. Best songs are hard to pick. I basically like every song equally. If I was forced to pick, I'd have to say "The Cleansing", "The Cold Northwind", and "Painthings".

Little Rose Productions has produced one fine album. I'd go so far as to say that this is the better releases so far in Christian music this year (as of mid-April). If you liked their last two EP's you're guaranteed to love this album. Immortal Souls have done a very professional job that should turn heads in both the Christian and secular music worlds.  (Review by Matt)