Tourniquet- Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm


Many bands tend to mellow out as the band members get older. It seemed that Tourniquet may head down that same path. Yeah, they were still a heavy band, but little by little the lighter side was finding its way into their music. Granted, they have proven that they do the lighter stuff quite well. The song "If the Love is Right" was played at me and my wife's wedding and the song "If I Was There" off their last album was a very thought provoking song. But when you think Tourniquet, you think heavy. You usually don't think ballads. Well, my friends, with this new album, you don't have to worry anymore about the direction Tourniquet is heading. No ballads here fellow headbangers. Yeah, Tourniquet will still keep you on your heels with the occassional flute or cello part, but that's just one of the many things that set this band apart from your typical, run-of-the-mill heavy metal band. The boys (or shall I say men) start off with the ripping "Besprinkled in Scarlet Horror". This band is amazing. Aaron absolutely flys on the guitar, Ted is a master behind the drums, and Luke continues to amaze with his grab-bag of vocal styles. The lyrics here as with every song on the album are just as great as the music. Christ-centered and very convicting. "Drinking from the Poisoned Well" is next and is about the dangers of anger. This song, along with "The Tomb of Gilgamesh" and "Erratic Palpitations of the Human Spirit" are probably my three favorite tunes on this disc. Steve Rowe of Mortification makes a short guest appearance on the title track. There is also the expected instrumental, "Immunity Vector", which is very well done. Tourniquet also adds a "Skeezix Dilemma Part II". The only downer that I would complain about is the flute solos, like on "Besprinkled..." and "Immunity...". They might sound "pretty", but they just clash with the rest of the music. Now flutes sound great when Paramaecium uses them, but! Other than that, this album truly rocks. Over 70 minutes so you definitely get your money's worth. Great cover as well. This band is nothing short of amazing to still be cranking out great metal.  Don't miss getting this album and regret it later.  (Review by Matt)