Amos - A Matter of Time

After making a big splash with their last album, Gothic Soul, Amos is back with their newest release, A Matter of Time.  The album was delayed numerous times and is finally seeing the light of day on Bombworks Records.  Despite the delays, Amos makes it worth the wait by releasing an album that surpasses their last release by leaps and bounds.  I still love Gothic Soul, but A Matter of Time just takes all those elements that made Amos good and they refine them and add to them new things that make them that much better of a band.  With this album, this Brazilian two piece (along with a drummer for this disc) crank out some really solid melodic progressive/power metal with some gothic leanings.  The songs here seem to have more energy and passion to them as well.  Unfortunately, while the vocals have some great moments, there are also some shaky moments where they just seem to hold some of the songs back.  So instead of having a kick butt metal song, you have just an average song that fails to blow you away.  This is probably the band's weakest point cause the music is very well done.  The guitars are full, powerful, and aggressive and the drums have a good kick to them and are played with authority.  They also infuse some keyboards and acoustic guitars very nicely.

As for the rest of the package...the artwork is nicely done, the production is excellent, and lyrically the band stays true to their Christian beliefs.  And for those wondering, the lyrics are all in English.

Amos once again has delivered a quality release, and has shown marked improvement over their last release.  If they can get the vocals to be more consistent they could be a force to be reckoned with.  It may be only a matter of time...

Rating: 79/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Bombworks Records

Total Songs: 9

Total Time: 46:37

Tracklisting: 1. Entering to Flames, 2. Pentecost, 3. Shadows of Thy Cross, 4. Ark of the Covenant, 5. The Gathering, 6. Alone, 7. Time to Die, 8. For Me, 9. Depression.

Best Songs: Track 3.

Lineup: Rodrigo Shimabukuro - Bass/Vocals, Evandro Leite - Guitars/Acoustic Guitars, Ricardo Thibau - Drums.

Band Website: