Circus Dawn - Between the Lines of Gray

Ok, Circus Dawn has my attention.  Seriously, with a name like that I wasn't expecting too much.  But one listen to this fantastic album and I'm convinced that you can't judge this book by it's cover.  And don't think I stopped at one listen either.  In fact, this album has been getting some serious play in my CD player.  While this album will most likely get lumped into numerous different "flavor of the month" genre piles, this band is much more interesting than most of what those genres have to offer.  What sets this apart from the pack is their emotion with which they perform.  And I'm not talking about manufactured or contrived emotion.  I'm talking about emotion that is totally convincing, whether it's the blood-curdling screams or the well-executed clean vocals.  You walk away after listen to this going..."crap, they really meant that!"  This album is full of music that is full of a combination of passion, aggression, rawness, melody, and energy that is unmatched by many of their peers.  Imagine a mix of Demon Hunter, Phoenix Mourning, Stavesacre, and Still Remains.   Then toss in some industrial elements and some other surprises and you have a band that isn't content with making the same rehashed stuff that everyone else is making, but one that has taken the boundaries of genres and moved them to what suits them best.  And they aren't scared to do what seems to be taboo in some circles.  After blasting your ears with their brutality, they whip right into a gorgeous...and I mean gorgeous ballad that is just incredibly moving.  Right after they jump right back into their metallic-styled melee.  But then a few songs later we are greeted with another ballad.  And if you think the last one was gorgeous, this next one is so incredibly moving its ridiculous.  You guys out there that have girlfriends that hate your metal?  Guaranteed they will LOVE at least two of the songs on this disc.  Thing'll like those songs too cause they just so darn good.  But worry not my friends, they don't forget what got them here as the final two songs make your ears bleed once more.

Not to stop at good music, the band completes the package with great production, solid lyrics, and very eye-appealing artwork.  Let's just say...Youngside Records scored nicely by picking up this band.

Rating: 91/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Youngside Records

Total Songs: 12

Total Time: 39:44

Tracklisting: 1. Theme for the Reckoning, 2. My Kind, 3. Hands to Strike, 4. Groundless, 5. Dead Heroes, 6. The Perfect (In A Minor), 7. Between the Lines of Gray, 8. Lotus Sky, 9. This Faceless Crowd, 10. To Feel in Color, 11. Oceans Beneath the Desert, 12. Of Thunder and Beauty.

Best Songs:  Tracks 2, 5, & 10.

Band Lineup: Colin Roemer - Vocals, Chris Parker - Guitar, Ricky Sutton - Guitar, Tyler Kent - Bass, Mark Bouquet - Drums

Band Website: