Morbid Sacrifice - Severed Death

From the new label, Open Grave Records, comes their first release - Severed Death by the now defunct band, Morbid Sacrifice.  The album was recorded in 2002, but the band broke up soon after and not many copies of the album made it to the public.  So in an effort to allow this album to be heard, Open Grave has made this album their first release before a slew of new releases from other bands hit later this year.  

As for the band themselves, they play extreme death metal in the vein of Crimson Thorn, older Mortification, and a second-rate Cannibal Corpse.  While this is old school death metal in style put out by a small label, it isn't a crap release with horrific production that you might expect.  But then again, this isn't a major label release either.  The band does a good job playing extreme death metal with blistering guitars, blasting, and ultra-low growls.  But they also have some doomy moments and also some galloping rhythms that kinda take away from the dark feel of the rest of the album.  Vocally they basically utilize just deep growls and some higher pitched shrieking.  They get a little bit sloppy at times, but overall it's a good listen. 

Lyrically, the band is bold for their faith in Christ and while the lyrics mainly focus more on the typical "Christian death metal" themes like graphic portrayals of the crucifixion, death and destruction, and demonic possession that you used to get from bands like Crimson Thorn, they also go off the beaten path in one song and focus on domestic abuse. The artwork is simple, yet pretty interesting.  Their is also a "morbid" story behind the artwork that the band explains in the liner notes.  

While this isn't a groundbreaking release by any means, it's a pretty decent listen for those who are obsessed with all things death metal.  You can purchase this disc on Open Grave's website at

Rating: 66/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Open Grave Records/Red State Records

Total Songs: 8

Total Time: 31:14

Tracklisting: 1. The Offering, 2. Buried Alive, 3. Humping the Dead, 4. Misogynicide, 5. Severed Death, 6. Divinely Exhumed, 7. Whom I Serve, 8. Deliverance of the Beast.

Best Songs: Tracks 4, 5, & 6.

Band Lineup: Chris Auman - Bass/Vocals, Nate Davis - Guitars, Devilkill - Guitars, Tom Klinesmith - Drums

Band Website: