Decadence - Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Hmmm...well, here we go again.  It seems that every Cold Meat Industry release is either incredible, featuring wonderful dark ambient, neo-classical, neo-folk, or harsh industrial, or some other wonderfully executed style.  Or they are trash like this release.  Oh, don't get me wrong...the music and vocals here are fabulous, emotional, reflective, dark, and moving.  The mixture of sultry male vocals with breathtaking female vocals really fits the music amazingly.  They masterfully blend neo-classical and neo-folk with acoustic guitars, piano, and classical arrangements to create a beautiful mood.  But....(steps on soapbox)...I CANNOT take something like this seriously when they mix their creative abilities with total garbage lyrics and trashy pictures throughout their artwork.  The lyrics are "well-written" and delivered perfectly to fit the music, but they are filled with rubbish.  I'm not going into great detail here, but you don't have to litter your art with sex, perversion, f-bombs, and basically...p-o-r-n to make it worth listening to. 

Musically and vocally, I can give this a high rating.  But they shoot themselves in the foot by ruining what could have been a high-quality release with their ridiculously disgusting ideas on what is good art.  As for this album...garbage in my hands = garbage in the trash can.  Bon voyage perverts!

Rating:  Music & Vocals - 90/100, Everything else - 0/100.

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Cold Meat Industry

Total Songs: 10

Total Time: 47:14

Tracklisting: 1. Good Boys Go to Heaven - Sperm and Honey, 2. Sin, 3. Happily, 4. Cold Winter Sun, 5. Farewell of Living, 6. By the Time We Sleep the Deepest Sleep, 7. Do Not Resist, 8. Everything I Am, 9. When My Hands Seek Yours, 10. With a Dream & a Gun.

Best Songs: Tracks 3 & 7.

Band Lineup: Elias Negrin - Guitars & Music Arrangements, Petros Sgardelis - Guitars & Music Arrangements, Eyphrosyne Papamihalopoulou - Vocals.

Band Website: ?